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how is Act 3 Scnene 2 dramaticaly effective

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"Dr.Jekyll demonstrates the effect society can have on individuals discuss." The Strange Case of Dr.Jekyll and Mr.Hyde Society has a major effect on individuals. If you are expected to act and perform in a certain way it can cause you to rebel and demonstrate that you do have other traits. This is evident in Jekyll and Hyde as Jekyll is forced to change his ways as he is tired of being the refined, well respected man he is assumed to be. However, society isn't the only thing that determined Jekylls actions. In the 18th century, life was damnable, infernal and foul. Living conditions were tremendously cramped, murders were profuse, there was no welfare state and it was the abysmal era of Jack the Ripper. As a result of society's exceeding anger and frustration, this may have leaded to an eruption of psychotic behaviour even in a character as reputable and pleasant as Jekyll. ...read more.


Jekyll knew he could no longer control Hyde. The only way to end the trauma was to kill Hyde thus resulting in killing his other side, Jekyll. Jekyll regretted taking the potion soon after he had consumed it. "Ape-like fury", These are the words used to describe Jekyll after the intake of the potion; this wasn't the normal Jekyll everyone knew. Jekyll had lost himself; his actions were not his own, Jekyll had no stability. The blame can't just be put onto society, Jekylls actions were linked to many things. Most of the blame is to be put onto Jekyll, Jekyll was the person who decided to take the potion no-one else, and Jekyll was the only person who had the authority and responsibility for his actions before he took the potion. There's a consequence to everyone's actions, therefore Jekyll should have reviewed what he was going to do before he took the potion himself. ...read more.


This is Jekyll trying to prove himself right and his experiments were defined as, "Unscientific balderdash". This is Jekyll being bold, not changing his mind because of what others think. This is partly caused by society, if his potions were accepted in society then he would not have had to carry out these experiments. The period of Jekyll and Hyde was when times were changing, social stability was immensely changing, social class was growing, education was rapidly increasing, and science was becoming more known and accepted. Being accepted in society was important, that's what Jekyll attempted to achieve but the pressure was too much and found the only way to express his other traits was through his potion. Jekyll was disturbed, he had an illness, and Hyde was his inner demon that took over his soul in the end. However, society did have a major affect on Jekyll's actions. The pressure proceed upon him was unbearable and he found that maintaining a superficial facade was too exhausting. As a result of this he pushed the boundaries of science and decided to take matters into his own hands with devastating consequences. ...read more.

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