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How is America beautiful? I will tell you about it. It was a cold Novemeber day; the air was clear and fresh.

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How is America beautiful? I will tell you about it. It was a cold Novemeber day; the air was clear and fresh. My my family and I were hiking in Sequoia National Park. The trail we chose curled up the mountain through a jungle of big Sequoias and snow covered rocks. We were told that we would have an incredible overview at the very top of the mountain. I wore my winter boots, the ones with sheepskin inside and my ski jacket from last years winter vacation, because it was snowing. Although I also wore my favorite hat with the red pompom and a matching long scarf, I was cold starting to walk up the bottom of the mountain. ...read more.


The snow, when reflecting the sunlight, sparkled like millions of tiny stars and made you feel like you were walking on diamonds. The stony path we were walking up was frozen. A thin snow layer covered the trail where trees, tall Sequias touching the sky, protected the ground from the sun. Where the sun was able to hit the ground the snow was gone and small puddles with a thin ice layer covered the trail instead. When you stepped on them they cracked like a fragile egg shell. I could see my breath crystalize in the air and hear my steady heartbeat. My fingers were red from the coldness and my toes were cold, because the ice - water that got into my boots wet my socks. ...read more.


I felt like I was the only thing on the world. When we reached the top of the mountain it stopped to snow and above my head opened up an incredibly blue sky, covered with little white clouds that looked like soft cotton balls. Far away on the horizon I saw mountains, looking like sugarcones topped with a snowwhite frosting. In between me and the mountains was a valley. It was clustered with trees all of different shades of greens, some even were red and yellow. The unlimited wideness made me feel free and relaxed. I couldn?t think about anything but the beauteousness of the landscape with trees big as skyscrapers and silence as if you were alone on the world. Standing on top of everything I lived the moment, enjoying the beauty of America. Wordcount: 535 ...read more.

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