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How is Eddie an interesting character?

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 In what ways is Eddie an interesting character?         Eddie Carbone is the tragic protagonist of A View from the Bridge written by Arthur Miller. He is forceful, hardworking and possessive of Catherine Eddie creates a fictional fantasy world where his absurd decisions make sense. He is a simple man who has little interests outside of work and family and is too protective of his orphaned niece, Catherine. He�s always laying down laws for her and expecting her to obey him, constantly self-obsessed, wanting to protect his innocence. Consequently as the play develops Eddie is finding it more and more difficult to accept that Catherine is growing up this leads Eddie to change to a more aggressive, angry and jealous person leading to his downfall and eventual death.         Eddie is depicted as an interesting character by Miller right from the offset of the play as he is portrayed to be an ordinary, everyman figure. This is shown many times during the course of the play, and is highlighted particularly in the opening scenes. ...read more.


This point is again demonstrated when Catherine defends Eddie whilst going out with Rodolfo and says �He (Eddie) was good to me Rodolfo. You don�t know him he was always the sweetest guy to me.� This creates the impression that Catherine sees the positive side of Eddie when no one else does and that he is capable of much warmth and generosity and she really appreciates it. On the other hand she is also speaking in the past tense which suggests that Eddie is a different person now than to what he was before, showing that Eddie has changed during the course of the play.                Another way that Eddie is an interesting character is his unusual relationship with Catherine. There are several moments in the text where the audience is given clues that Eddie's love for Catherine may not be normal. For example, when Catherine lights Eddie's cigar in the living room, it is an event that gives Eddie an unusual pleasure. This possibly warm and affectionate act between niece and uncle has sexual undertones. ...read more.


By confronting Marco, Eddie believes he will regain his pride in the community.        A further way Eddie is an interesting character is because during Act 1 his marital relationship breaks down and is collapsing, by doing this Miller creates tension between Eddie and Beatrice and as a result, the audience become more interested. This point is illustrated when Beatrice says �when am I gonna be a wife again, Eddie?� Eddie�s marriage falling apart is just one of a series of events that pile up and create a snowball effect, ending in his cataclysmic ruin.       Overall Miller exhibits Eddie as an interesting character in a variety of different ways and when all these are combined they work together very effectively. The most significant way Eddie is made to be interesting is the way that he is the tragic hero of the play and the way that he has gradually disintegrated until, in the end, all of Eddie�s positive qualities have disappeared and he is nothing more than the shell of the man we saw at the beginning of the play.                                     Sakib Rahman ...read more.

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