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How is imagery portrayed in one peom by armitage and one other poem

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i. Compare how imagery is used in one poem by Simon Armitage and one poem from pre-1914 poetry bank. ii. Compare how one pre-1914 and one post 1914 poet present different viewpoints. The poem 'Kid' by Simon Armitage is written in quite a humorous fashion. The rhyme used in the poem is a double rhyme, which most of the rhymes ending with 'er', which suggests to a reader that the poem is supposed to be a light load and entertaining piece of writing hence it shouldn't be something that has a depressing effect on someone reading it. This creates a grip for a reader as the reader and I gathered that it starts to make the audience wonder; what might the writer include next and how will the writer maintain this. The structure, which is a continuous stanza with no breaks, portrays that it's a monologue and instantly, connecting the diction and the structure, a reader can picture a person probably just running their mouth about something negative about someone else. ...read more.


Whereas I think that sometimes first person narrative can project out some false information from the character that tries to persuade us to think in a way that the character (or the writer) wants us to think. Most of the diction used suggests reflection on the character's actions and refers to a sign of regret to some extent. The first stanza establishes some common things that the victim and the soldier had and the quote 'We should've sat us down' enforces this idea. Nonetheless, the second and third stanza develops the actions and the justification of the soldier. This contrast could perhaps mean that the soldier is feeling guilty for his actions and just reflecting on his actions. The contrasting points and the inclusion of the justification can stand for the clean intentions of the soldier or on the hand enforce the idea that he is trying to cover up for his wrong doings. ...read more.


Kid is written in a humorous way and suggests us the separation of Batman and Robin and after the separation, Robin goes on to insult Batman in a way. The poem 'on my first sonne' steer us to believe that it's about a father being separated from his son but it in a way, it also focuses on the narrator rather than the subject which is sort of similar to 'Kid'. 'The man he killed' and 'Havisham' use identical techniques to exhibit point of views. They both use first person narrative and have some-what similar structure. 'The man he killed' uses devices to show the guilt or reflection of the character's actions, whereas 'Havisham' advertises the intent of revenge from a woman's/bride's point as a result of someone else's action. The poem 'The man he killed is a personal favourite of mine for one reason in particular, because it uses simple terms and vocabulary. It uses everyday phrases and it's easy to understand. It creates an image that is very easy to analyse and it also shows clear point of views. ?? ?? ?? ?? Syed M. Abbas | English | Poetry HW ...read more.

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