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How is the relationship between Juliet and her parents presented in the play 'Romeo and Juliet'?

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´╗┐How is the relationship between Juliet and her parents presented in the play ?Romeo and Juliet?? The play ?Romeo and Juliet? is one of the most well-known plays written by William Shakespeare. I think he intended to show what life is like for women in a society ruled by men; men were seen to be superior to women, as women had little rights. Women began life as property of their fathers; once they became married they were passed on to the husband. Shakespeare uses many language techniques throughout the play to comment on men, women and marriage in a society when girls were promised to a man of their fathers choosing. He used this play to criticize arranged marriages. This play is a tragedy, where two people, from opposing families that despise each other, meet and instantly fall in love. This essay is going to explore how the relationship with Juliet and her parents is presented in the play, and how it changes rapidly throughout. Firstly, in Act 1 Scene 2 Lord Capulet is having a discussion with Paris regarding Juliet, Paris wishes to marry Juliet, however Capulet says ?My child is yet a stranger in the world?. This means he thinks that Juliet is too young to be wed; he also says they should wait two more summers before she is ready to get married. But, he will agree if Juliet agrees because he believes Juliet should have a say in the matter. Paris replies by saying ?Younger than she are happy mothers made?. Capulet contradicts that by saying ?And too soon marred are those so early made?. This shows Capulet is very caring towards Juliet as he wants her to enjoy her life whilst she is young. It is unusual that Capulet said this because Juliet would not normal be given a choice in the matter, especially when the suitor is wealthy and handsome. ...read more.


This scene is the turning point of the play. Later on in Act 3 Scene 1 Lady Capulet demands that Romeo must die, her demand for Montague blood reveals the level of hatred between the two families. But, because Tybalt had slain Mercutio, Romeo?s sentence was only that of exile, rather than death. This scene makes the reader feel sympathy towards Romeo and Juliet as they only just got married, they didn?t even have a chance to celebrate this marriage before Romeo was banished from Verona. When Juliet learns of this news she doesn?t know what emotion she should feel, but, in the end decides to stay loyal to her husband. Act 3 Scene 5 is the most crucial scene in the change in relationship between Juliet and her parents. This scene is full of tension dramatic irony and ambiguousness. Juliet has just spent her first and last night with Romeo, the nurse warns them that her mother is approaching. When Juliet?s mother enters she misreads Juliet?s emotions, she believes her sadness is from mourning her cousin, Tybalt. Her sorrow is actually because of Romeo?s exile. Lady Capulet asks ?Evermore Weeping for you cousin?s death? What, wilt thou wash him from his grave with tears? These are all rhetorical questions, Lady Capulet wishes Juliet to stop crying as too much grief is not wise. Lady Capulet seems cruel in what she says here, but she could be trying to enliven Juliet. However, she adds that to show so much grief shows ?some want of wit? this implies that Juliet is stupid which displays how insensitive Lady Capulet is towards her daughter. Then she also makes an incorrect assumption ?Well, girl, thou weep?st not so much for his death / As that the villain lives which slaughtered him?. Lady Capulet is more resentful than mournful, she only wishes for revenge on the Montague that killed a precious Capulet, she assumes Juliet feels the same way. ...read more.


Overall I think the relationship between Juliet and her parents is presented as being a typical relationship at that time. I think Lady Capulet could not physically show hardly any emotion towards Juliet because of the fear of losing her, like her other children. Lady Capulet and her daughter had a standard, modern teenage daughter ? mother relationship. Obviously, Juliet would be more inclined to her father if her mother was incapable of showing any care or love towards her. Also I believe the cause of Juliet?s death was being forced into an arranged marriage. At first, Capulet was willing to let Juliet make her own decision in the matter. The cause of change was Tybalt?s death. Capulet believed Juliet to be mourning Tybalt too much; he wanted to lift her out of her sadness. "Who, raging with thy tears and they with them, without a sudden calm, will oversetthy tempest -tossed body". Basically, Juliet will quickly drown in the storm of her tears, unless there is a "sudden calm," and Capulet believes this calm will come from her marriage to the man he has chosen for her. I personally do not think Romeo and Juliet?s death was anybody?s fault, I believe it was the sense of fate that hangs over the play, Romeo?s cry, ?O, I am fortune?s fool!? refers to his unfortunate actions in being forced to kill his new wife?s cousin, thus becoming exiled. As a result of this Juliet was forced into an unwanted marriage. Lady Capulet had an awful relationship with her daughter, to me they appeared more like strangers. Although, this is understandable because of the fear in Lady Capulet, which made her an incompetent mother. Lord Capulet was thoughtful and compassionate toward his daughter, up to the point of Tybalt?s death, where he became demanding and detached. Shakespeare uses figurative language in this play to achieve a particularly vivid, expressive, and imaginative image.Also his thoughtful choice of dramatic devices, for example, tone, dramatic irony and characterization make this play exciting and fascinating. ...read more.

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