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How is the role ofFamily and Domestic Affection explored in Frankenstein?

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How is the role of Family and Domestic Affection explored in Frankenstein? Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin was born in London on August 30, 1797. Her mother, Mary Wollstonecraft, was the author of A Vindication of the Rights of Woman, a feminist tract encouraging women to think and act for themselves. This was very controversial, considering the role of women in the family, and as part of society, during her time. She attacked things such as marriage, brandishing it as 'legal prostitution', and wrote that it wasn't fair how women were denied a fair education, and stated that it kept women in a state of 'ignorance and slavish dependence'. Here she is clearly attacking the way women were treated in society, and this must have had an effect on her daughter's work, especially Frankenstein. Mary Wollstonecraft died in March 1797, after giving birth to her second child, Mary Godwin. The baby was healthy, but Wollstonecraft died of blood poisoning after an unsuccessful attempt by the doctor to remove the placenta still left in the womb after conceiving the baby. The death of her mother left Mary in the care of her father, William Godwin. Godwin had radical political ideas that rubbed off on writers such as Lord Byron, and Percy Shelly. ...read more.


The fact that he is worshipped shows the love that he is possessed with by his parents. The second quote shows that he is being nurtured into being a good human being. Being taught these things at young age would mean that they would stick with him during family life, and that he will turn out a good person. The silken cord talked about is important too. He is guided by his parents to be a good person and this silk talked about shows that it is of a good quality, expensive. Not that the love he could have a price tag, but it's a valuable thing to have. These examples show that in Frankenstein, the role of the family is to guide their child and nurture them into good people. This they should do with love and care, such as the love given to Victor by his parents. their child, the innocent and helpless creature bestowed on them The use of the word creature gives us the impression not of a human child, but of an animal, which in scientifical terms we actually are. This is an obvious point seeing the scientific background and content of this novel. It is also typical of the nature of Victor's personality. ...read more.


The monster is rejected purely because it looks different. It longs to be part of a family unit, and this is seen when he tries to join the De Lacey Family. This could show that Shelly is trying to say that the family unit is important to the life of us all and society. The role of the family is to nurture and care for a child, much the way Victor was cared for by his parents. With the care and love that this child receives they will turn out good, and they will not become evil. Unlike the monster, who is forced to be an exile because of looks. He is rejected by his creator, and father, and exacts bloody revenge. This shows that a man's personality is based on nurture, as the monster is an articulate, well-mannered being. But his hatred towards his AWOL creator and society as a whole means that he turns into a bloody murderer. Parallels can be seen today in this example. A percentage of youths choose a life of drugs and crime. This could be for many reasons, but many feel it is the upbringing that they have that decides what nature of personality they have. In conclusion, Shelly explores the role of the family and domestic affection by showing the two different effects that a family and its affection can have on their offspring. Nyasha Sakutukwa ...read more.

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