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How is the Suspense Developed in 'Inspector Calls'.

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Question: How is the Suspense Developed? `Inspector Calls', is a story in which an inspector, in this case Inspector Goole, visits the Birling household. At the beginning of the story the inspector broke into the dinner party, where Mr. Birling, Mrs. Birling, Gerald, and Sheila were enjoying a good chat. Eric, the son of the family had been sent upstairs, because he had drunk a little too much. The inspector announced that a girl had committed suicide and that he wishes to make some enquiries. "Two hours ago a young woman died in the infirmary. She'd been taken there because she had swallowed a lot of strong disinfectant. Burnt her inside out, of course." Of course this came to the people in the dinning room as quite a shock, but none of them realised what connected them to this suicide, and why the inspector was there asking them questions. This had already built up some suspense in the story, as the reader didn't know why he was there. First the inspector started with Mr. Birling, the father of the family. He told Mr. Birling the name of the woman that had died. ...read more.


The inspector quickly turned to him and asked straight out: "Mr. Croft, when did you first get to know her?" He had said this without Gerald saying a word. Everyone was getting suspicious that the inspector already knew everything about them, and that there was no point in lying. Gerald quickly confessed to him knowing her. "All right, if you must have it. I met her first, some time in March last year." Everyone in the room was shocked that Gerald had known her, what was the chance that all of them so far had encountered her. Sheila was especially shocked, as she no knew that her fianc� had possibly been seeing another woman at the same time as her, and she knew that this girl was very pretty. He then went on to explain how he had protected her as she was poor and had nowhere to live. Gerald then wanted to leave, as he had been embarrassed enough, and could see that Sheila was very angry. He asked to leave, and the inspector allowed him. On his way out Sheila said this and handed him her ring: "But just in case you forget - or decide not to come back, Gerald, I think you'd better take this with you." ...read more.


Everything about the inspector's manner was strange the way he talked and entered and left their house. And how he knew everything, and how they all knew her, just from one rough diary. The whole way through the story he was holding them in suspense, because he knew exactly what they would say. Once he had left the strangest thing happened. The house received phone call. When Mr. Birling put the phone down, he went back into the room where everyone else was, and told them what had been said. " That was the police. A girl has just died - on her way to the Infirmary - after swallowing some disinfectant. And a police inspector is on his way here - to ask some - questions............" This was truly a strange ending, meaning the inspector had told them that the girl was already dead, how did he know all this, or was it just pure coincidence, again, that another girl had died. It was strange enough all of them having had contact with the girl. Then for this to happen, the audience would then leave the theatre not knowing what had really just happened, and leaving them in suspense, even after the play. ...read more.

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