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How is violence is used in the love story "Romeo and Juliet"

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How violence is used in the love story "Romeo and Juliet" In this essay I will be observing how Shakespeare uses violence in a love story. Without violence in a love story the story would be less appealing to an audience. Shakespeare uses violent, bloody, angry scenes in-between lovely, happy romantic scenes, so that the audience will find the story much more absorbing. The violence in the play also propels the story forward. Shakespeare sets his story during the Elizabethan times. A time when it was acceptable for men to carry swords. Also rich families had their own private armies! In the 16^th Century, there were duels. Duels were when two people armed with weapons would fight, until one person gets killed. In those days if you said no to a duel, you would be known as a wimp. You wouldn't be man enough and lose your honour. So in the Elizabethan days where Shakespeare grew up, violence was normal. Even the Victorian people, they would stand and cheer for the men when they fight. Also when someone was being executed, the local people would gather to watch. ...read more.


There love is so beautiful, as in the Elizabethan days love at first sight was real and special. We now hate Tybalt for destroying the happy scene and we are frightened for Romeo because we like him, we love his character. He is a hopeless romantic. We are now caught up, with the wonderful relationship. Tybalt uses brutal language. " I will withdraw, but this intrusion shall,/Now seeming sweet, convert to bitterest gall." The audience now know Tybalt has challenged Romeo to a duel, the violent language sets violence for later in the story and now the audience wants to know what will happen next. Shakespeare builds suspense and tension because we are now expecting Romeo and Tybalt to fight, and we are scared especially in the next scene. On the meeting Juliet, Romeo decides he has to see Juliet and so goes to visit her after the party in Caplets orchard. In act 2 Scene 1,2 is the balcony scene. We are so worried here but at suspense. Reason is Romeo is risking his life as he is at his enemies house and if he is found he will get killed thereby threatening their relationship. ...read more.


Shakespeare was clever to help us fall in like with the character, Romeo. We know Juliet is alive and we fear the worst, it put as on unease and on the edge. The stage direction 'Romeo falls and dies'. We the audience are in horrified and we felt sad even though we knew from the beginning Romeo and Juliet would die! At the end we feel that it was a capturing story, and that violence is not the answer as it will lead to a sad ending. Violence has made the audience watch the whole play, as we kept wanting to know what will happen next. The use of language created the suspense and sense of danger, stage directions, setting and entering of characters has drawn the play through. There was great engagement, tension and violence in certain scenes, from the next tragedy, leading to the end! And mostly each scene was important as it set the next scene. The violence has excited us, made us love and hate particular characters, Tybalt. Shakespeare has used violence well in a love story. I thought Shakespeare was very clever the way he made violence important. Without the violence in the play, the play wouldn't be exciting, tension would not be built and the audience will find the play boring especially men. ...read more.

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