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How Miller sustains the interest of the audience through his characterization and use of dramatic tension by focusing on two extracts from the play.

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The coursework is to discuss on how Miller sustains the interest of the audience through his characterization and use of dramatic tension by focusing on two extracts from the play. "A view from the Bridge" is set in Brooklyn, amongst an immigrant community who are poor and struggling, most working as 'longshoremen' when the work is available. Eddie is of Italian ancestry, his father emigrated from Italy to America, and therefore he has been brought up with the strong, passionate Italian/Sicilian way of honour and loyalty. Marco and Rodolfo are illegal immigrants, 'submarines', who have managed to go to America through a system of syndicates; using some of the money they make working in America to pay off the syndicate. Their illegal status and the terrible unemployment and poverty where they have come from and their absolute need to work, in Marco's case means life or death for his family. Miller writes the play after a lawyer {Alferi}, re-tells his account about how illegal immigrants seek refuge in the USA. The title of the play is based on the Brooklyn Bridge and Alfieri having a view from top of it. In the play, Eddie Carbone is introduced as a 'slightly overweight longshoreman� and we see straight away that he is a character of authority when Catherine appears and waits on him in an affectionate way. ...read more.


Vinny was brutally punished and shamed, and he condemns the action by calling him a crazy boy who never showed his face again. From this alone, we can tell that Eddie is a caring man who is benevolent and wants the best for others. Rodolpho is a very outgoing character, and because of this, he and Catherine get on very well together. He is very brave to be able to stand up and sing "Paper Doll" to three people whom he met ten minutes ago. The words of 'Paper Doll� are very provocative and Catherine loves the music and falls in love with this man. He came to the States with a very open-ended attitude and with the prospect of fulfilling his dreams. This annoys Eddie because he is not realistic.And Because Eddie thinks that Rodolph is gay, he thinks he is committing a great injustice by marrying Catherine just for his citizenship papers. So he feels that he must bring his own justice upon him. Catherine as we know is 18yrs old. She is quite na�ve and this is conveyed through the way she talks like a kid and was the type that never goes out , so when she sees Rodolpho, she fancies him. ...read more.


behind Eddie's kiss Eddie goes to Alferi, and tells him about it , but Alferi warns him that there was nothing he could do about Rodolpho and Catherine but Eddie turns deaf ears at him. He reports to the immigration bureau and the immigrants are arrested. Here we can see that Eddie has changed and this was not what he planned for the cousins. He becomes and talks arrogantly about his house, all because he likes Catherine and wants the best for her in future. Every time Eddie sees Catherine, he has to smile in a certain way, which would tell the audience that he does like her as more than just a father-daughter relationship. From the extract, we can see how Eddie imposed tragedy on himself, because if he had left things they were, he wouldn't have got into a fight with Marco .The society has no sympathy for him since he was totally wrong. Even if he didn't die, no one will want to be his friend and the audience will say that 'death' served him right. Authur miller was successful in writing the play because he uses many things to keep the mind of the audience going with the play. He uses sound , settings and good conventions that shows different moods. ...read more.

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