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'How much responsibility do you regard Lady Macbeth as having for the actions of her husband?'

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25th January 2003 Amy Hancock-Martin English Coursework: Macbeth 'How much responsibility do you regard Lady Macbeth as having for the actions of her husband?' To answer this question I will have to assess Lady Macbeths character throughout the play and Macbeths attitude towards his wife. I think Macbeths attitude to his wife is very important to finding out how he is affected by her and how much responsibility she has for his actions. Lady Macbeth is of Royal blood and has brought much added wealth and power to Macbeth. She is used to more power than many other women of her time, she has had the opportunity to gain much power and freedom-or is this hat she uses Macbeth for? I think Lady Macbeths relationship with her husband is strong though. They are in love and are happy but I imagine there are many theories of who 'wears the trousers' in their relationship. When we first meet lady Macbeth she is reading of her husbands encounters with the witches and their predictions (glamis, cawdor and king) in the letter. the witches in the play I think there to keep the plot going and in their first appearance set out the main plots of the play. ...read more.


Because of his wife, the witches or his own desires. After the murder of Duncan his sons retreat, a great thing for Macbeth and his wife as they don't have to dispose of them! After Macbeth becomes king, much to the dislike of some, he starts to change. He has the power, all that he was predicted has come true but the nerves that we saw before Duncans murder returns to haunt him. He's threatened by the prediction the witches gave Banquo (loyal friend and soldier) 'You will father kings, though not be king yourself' to ensure he stays king he must get rid of Banquo and , I think more importantly Fleances he is destined to be king! But Banquo in macbeths eyes has to be disposed of so he cant father any more threats! The murder of Banquo has relatively less of his wife's influence than the first, and by what she says she wants little to do with it, if anything. 'You must leave this!.' Lady Macbeth has all she needs and indeed will get, she doesn't perceive Banquo as a threat, as long as her lifetime is secure, to hell with the next generation! ...read more.


In conclusion the strong influence Lady Macbeth has on Macbeth is great. He dotes on her and wants to make her happy. He also wants to keep her under control he loves her feisty nature but feels sometimes that he cant keep up with her poisoned imagination; his ambitions are the same as hers for him but he can see a clear long path to the goals, lady Macbeth sees a short blood stained path. Macbeth can choose what he wants to do but his wife is there to give him a push in the wrong, but quicker direction. If lady Macbeth has her way she's Queen and has achieved her goal a lot quicker than Macbeth could take,. I think lady Macbeth 'eggs on' her husband for her own personal gain. Macbeth ultimately chose to do what she wanted and has as much responsibility for his actions as his wife, he of course with the taste of Duncan's blood still fresh killed his comrade to achieve his goal. At that point he took all blame. Lady Macbeth planted a shoot which she nurtured so far and took a back seat, on its own it prospered but when lady Macbeth totally left it was overcome. To make his reign great he needed his wife. He needed her to help to a point but then went his own evil path. ...read more.

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