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How the extra scene in the film "Educating Rita" add to our understanding of the play.

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How the extra scene in the film "Educating Rita" add to our understanding of the play. The play "Educating Rita" was written by Willy Russell in 1979, this modern play was followed by a film of the same title in 1983. The screen play was also written by Willy Russell. The Two main characters Frank and Rita are played by Michel Caine and Julie Walters. The opening scene establishes the setting of the play and the contrast between the two main characters and their cultures. In the beginning of the film there is a tracking shot of Frank walking in the university campus, which gives the viewer the impression that Frank belongs to this environment as he is always being greeted as he walks in front of the university, this opposes Rita's shot where she walks in the university with bright clothes and unsuitable footwear, confused she keeps looking around and asking students where to go. ...read more.


For example when there is an over the shoulder shot of Frank it enables the audience to see how Julia nags him. on the other hand the over the shoulder shot of Julia it shows his dependency on alcohol. The tracking shot of Rita shows how out of place she is in the university. When Rita goes into the university she walks awkwardly because of her unsuitable footwear; this has the symbolic effect that she struggles in her life. When Rita tries to open Frank's classroom door a high angle shot is used to make her seem small, insignificant and powerless. She struggles to open the door which shows that she struggles with a simple task of opening a door it also shows that Frank is careless. In the middle of the film Rita dresses up for the dinner party. She tries to change her voice and clothes to be a different person, but this does not follow her concept of changing from the inside so she ends up being herself. ...read more.


There is an over the shoulder shot for both characters to show how they changed at the end of the film. Rita has become more serious and polite while frank is more organised and less cynical. There is a two shot where both characters look at each other while they are smiling this tells us it is a friendship and not a romantic relationship as they are happy that they are leaving each other. After Frank boards the plane Rita walks away slowly and looks back and then starts to walk away quickly this gives the impression that she is hesitating but knows she has to start a new life. In the play the unity of place made the audience see the events outside the university through the characters point of view but the extra scenes allow us to see these events objectively. Therefore the audience will see Denny as a friendlier person than a dictator as portrayed by Rita in the play, while Julia seems to care for Frank rather than annoying him by her nagging as seen by the phone call in the beginning of the play. ...read more.

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