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How Willy Russell dramatises the relationship between Frank and Rita.

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Willy Russell's Educating Rita Drama Essay By Omar Aly Henry Cort Community School GCSE Course work 2003-2004 How Willy Russell dramatises the relationship between Frank and Rita The play educating Rita was written by Willy Russell in 1979. The play is set in the 1980s in a Victorian university in the north of England, where Willy Russell was born. The play discusses the issue of poor backgrounds not continuing education and going directly into employment. "A room on the first floor of a Victorian built university in the north of England" act1 scene1 The Play supports the government's attitude in making a higher percentage of the working class population to go to a university or the newly introduced concept of the Open University. Due to the fact that the play only has one setting, the unity of place greatly affects our understanding of the play. This unity of place enables the audience to experience the events outside the university through the character's point of view and then watching the other characters reaction this involves the audience more and makes them imagine how the world outside the university is like, through the statements given by the characters. The unity of place allows Willy Russell to change the characters personality in other places or to carry out metamorphic process to create major changes in the play without one of the characters to know what happens to the other. ...read more.


After walking across the bookshelves while talking to Frank she "takes a copy of "Howard's End" from the book shelf" due to her curious and knowledge hungry mind. During the tutorial she is constantly moving around as she wants to learn everything and can not focus on one single concept this is because her desire to make the most of her life. In the act 1 scene 7 a lot has changed about the characters therefore their relationship has changed. At this stage Frank has become more aware of his surroundings and Rita has started using a more complex and polite vocabulary. Due to Rita's more developed vocabulary Frank now understands Rita and knows a great deal about her culture through normal communication and not through the now rare misunderstandings. When Frank was talking about Rita decision about not going to the party, he predicted what type of wine she would bring; "a bottle of Spanish plonk" then Rita confirms his prediction as Frank knows a lot about Rita's background. Rita wants to be educated so she can be regarded as an important and serious person in society and not just a humorous person as Rita thought that she was invited to Frank's dinner party "to play the role of the court jester". ...read more.


Although Rita has matured greatly since her first tutorial, Frank treats her as if she is still reading "Ruby Fruit Jungle" this is maybe an attempt to try to keep her Taking OU courses and meeting him or due to the fact that he can not believe she can learn on her own now and she does not need him anymore. Rita realises this and tells Frank that he is still treating her as if she was "still hung-up on Ruby Fruit Jungle". In my opinion the relation between Frank and Rita has gone well which is unexpected because of the different cultures and the misunderstandings caused by the different language. The relationship has gone well because both characters need each other to progress towards a better life. Although Frank is the teacher who gives the information, both characters depend on each other to reach their goals. In the end the relationship ends up to be a friendship and not a romantic one as both characters are happy that they are going to leave each other to progress in their lives. The context of the play is still relevant today as the government is continuing to encourage people to go to universities, although it is arguable since the government has recently have introduced top up fees which might deter people from poorer backgrounds from continuing their education. ...read more.

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