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How would you act the parts of Eddie, Beatrice and Catherine? " A view from the bridge".

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How would you act the parts of Eddie, Beatrice and Catherine? Eddie: If I have to act as Eddie in the play " A view from the bridge", I would try to show the audiences the character of an ordinary hard workingman and his outer appearance would be tough and strong. His clothes would be in normal darkish colours, nothing spectacular. He would appear as a decent middle age man maybe with beards and slightly overweight. His tone of voice would be deep and mysterious with a strong Italian accent which can gains respect and draws attention from other people. From the text " Eddie is highlighted among them" shows that Eddie is treated as a respectable man by his friends and is powerful enough to control people around him. I also think that Eddie is a stubborn man from the text " I can't. I cant' talk about it. I got nothing to sat about it" He kept denying his feelings, which forced him to hide his unsuccessful marriage. ...read more.


an Italian community that prides itself on protecting illegal immigrants which is opposite from the beginning of the play when Eddie is proud to protect Beatrice 's cousins. Beatrice: Throughout the play the characteristic of Beatrice is very wifely and motherly. This can be seen in most of the scene, she's always be working in the house whether its cooking or cleaning. My thought of Beatrice would be aged around thirty-five to early forty in the play. From studying the play I am convinced that Beatrice is a trustworthy, sensible and generous lady. " I'm just worried about you, that's all I'm worried." This extract shows that Beatrice is a kind and caring woman. It shows her emotional part and her sensitive heart. Beatrice had always been supportive of her family like when Catherine got a job she even persuades Eddie to let Catherine take the job. If I had to act as Beatrice in the play. I would remain as calm as possible when Eddie is upset about Catherine or Rodolfo because the play shows Beatrice as a believer. ...read more.


a young adult who's not a complete teenager neither a fully grown up adult that tries to find her own way to become independent. The character would be aged around seventeen to twenty. Her appearance would be a young, sweet and good-looking lady. Her dressing sense would appear to be fashionable like the high street working women. I think that Catherine is shown in the play as a perfect daughter of a family. She respects Beatrice well especially Eddie. " I know him and now I'm supposed to turn around and make a stranger out of him? I don't know why I have to do that" the extract shows that Catherine never loose her faith or respect in Eddie. In some parts of the play she appears to be frightened by Eddie " Desperately, as though he had made his imprint. She rushes to the house". This stage direction shows that Catherine is scare of what Eddie had said. At the end of the play when Eddie is stabbed by his own knife, Catherine still respect for him. " Eddie. I never meant to do nothing bad to you" ...read more.

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