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How Would You Direct Act 1 Scene 5 of Romeo And Juliet For The Stage?

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Hardeep Sidhu 10SHn How Would You Direct Act 1 Scene 5 Of Romeo And Juliet For The Stage? In order to present Act 1 Scene 5 on stage I will divide this scene into seven sections and discuss the setting of the stage, costume of the characters, the movement of the actors on stage and the overall impact of these on the audience. In this scene Capulet welcomes his guests to the ball and encourages them to dance. Some of the ladies are a bit shy and Capulet teases them that if they don't dance people will think that they've got corns on their feet. He tells the musicians to play and the servants to clear the tables out of the way. Then he and an elderly relative sit watching the dancers and reminisce about the last time the two of them danced like this. Romeo catches sight of Juliet. Romeo is stunned by Juliet's beauty. Tybalt sees Romeo and recognises him as a Montague. He becomes very angry but Capulet orders him not to do anything. Tybalt protests but Capulet is firm. Tybalt leaves, muttering that he will not forget what has happened. Romeo approaches Juliet and speaks to her for the first time. They kiss. The nurse interrupts with a message that Juliet's mother wishes to speak to her. Romeo asks the nurse who Juliet is and learns that she is a Capulet. The guests begin to leave. Juliet sends her nurse to discover Romeo's name. ...read more.


I chose cousin Capulet to be Robert de Niro because he is quite old. Costume - Capulet and cousin Capulet are both wearing tuxedos, which are white. They are also wearing top hats. Capulet wears a tie but cousin Capulet doesn't. They are both wearing light coloured shirts. Movement - Capulet goes round the room and greets everybody but cousin Capulet goes and sits down. Lines - Capulet says 'Welcome, gentlemen!' very cheerfully, but cousin Capulet sounds very grumpy while he says the line 'Berlady, thirty years'. Gestures - Capulet goes around to everybody with a smile and cousin Capulet neither has a smile nor looks sad either. Direction - cousin Capulet faces the audience and Capulet either has his back to the audience when he is greeting the guests or faces side ways to the audience while talking to the ladies about them not dancing and people thinking that they have corns on their feet. Section 3 Set - it is still in the same setting and in the same room. Actors - Keanu Reeves who plays Romeo because he has a lot of experience being the main actor. Tybalt is played by Jakie Chan because Tybalt is a fighter and Jakie Chan also does fighting scenes in her films. Costumes - Romeo is wearing a black tuxedo, with a dark blue shirt and a bow tie. Tybalt is wearing a short skirt, string top and large boots. Movement - Romeo stands still while talking about Juliet and asks the servingman if he knows who she is but after the servingman replies he goes off the stage and Tybalt comes in. ...read more.


He wears green pants and a white top. The nurse is wearing a black slinky dress. Movements - the nurse runs into the hallway and drags Juliet into another room. Juliet lets go of Romeo's hands and walks away still looking back at him. Lines - the nurse says her lines to Juliet urgently and speaks very quickly. Romeo asks the nurse confusingly 'What is her mother?' Benvolio says his lines in a high tone. Gestures - the nurse is disgusted with what she has seen and Romeo is disappointed and sad while he watches Juliet walk away with the nurse. Direction - the audience only see the side view of Juliet but the nurse and Romeo look at the audience while saying their lines. Section 7 Set - it is still in the same room where the party is but the actors are in the front right hand corner talking. Actors - only the nurse and Juliet are in this scene. Costumes - they are all still in the same costumes. Movements - the nurse is holding Juliet's arms and Juliet moves back and starts walking around while talking to the nurse. Lines - the nurse and Juliet are both angry and speak in a very high tone. When Juliet says 'Come hither, nurse. What is yond gentlemen?' she is very curious to find out who he is. Gestures - Juliet is furious and the nurse tries to calm her down, but then the nurse realises that there is no hope so she, too gets angry. Direction - the nurse turns to whichever direction Juliet is facing. Juliet walks across the front of the stage as if she is talking to the audience. ...read more.

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