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Hunted - creative writing

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HUNTED... Nervously, someone is waiting in a hotel room. Beads of sweat crashed from his forehead onto his shirt, he's so alert he can hear and feel every single droplet. He's staying in a small cheap but tidy hotel. There's an old blue/ grey flower pattern on the walls and bedcovers. The bathroom had nothing but a small pink bar of soap probably left by the last unfortunate guest that stayed in this little cupboard of a room. He checks the phone, and then cuts it with his Swiss army knife. He chooses to leave the air conditioning off, the silence is deafening. Finally, he looks under the bed and unpacks his brief case on the on top; then sets up the chair so it is facing the window. ...read more.


As he ran his finger along the window frame, his finger was covered with dust as if it had never been cleaned. He went to the bed and picked up his binoculars out of his opened brief case. He slowly moves back to the window, his reflection mirrored in the frames of his binoculars like an icy lake. A figure is waiting by a street lamp in the street below; the figure is slightly plump like a rodent storing fat for the winter. As he catches a glimpse of the strangers face he is startled. He runs over to his brief case and pulls out a picture, he immediately matches it to the figure by the street lamp. ...read more.


A couple of suited men walkover to the illuminated stripe joint and come back out almost instantly with a bottle in each hand. There were three of them excluding the first figure; the three walk towards his hotel. His blood rushes through his veins like water through a hose, he thinks of what to do, what actions to take. He is tired of being hunted by men in bowler hats but what else is he to do. He quickly breaks the window with a chair as the men burst through the door, they rush over to the broken window with their guns blazing like fire crackers as he slips behind the open door, he slips out; he has made his escape. Sweat forms on his brow like condensation on a window as he contemplates his next move. ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Writing to Inform, Explain and Describe section.

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