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I am forced to live the life of a vulture, feeding from the deceased.

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I am forced to live the life of a vulture, feeding from the deceased. I longed to die, and then scared of death and what it holds, I had the choice whether to plunge into death or not, and chose to live. What a foolish decision. Oh, why can't I die? I'd give anything to go back to that one night, summertime of 1678, after dusk, but I never can. I have given up my pointless search for immortals as I have given up the will to live, I hate myself for what I have become, now my ruthless existence is now like a cancer taking over my body as I go on, alone, and I can never go back, ever... May 5th, 1661, I was born a beautiful baby girl named Emma. First born of Jonathan and Mary Edwards, I was my father's dream come true, and he was a brilliant father to me. I was brought up quite well as a child, taught good manners, not middle class mind you, but my mother and father tried. When I was three or four years old, my grandmother and grandfather both died of the plague, along with many people. Also among the diseased and shortly after, dead was my best friend, Sarah, we were all each other had, friend-wise. We made each other blood sisters, by cutting our finger and touching them together. We used to play all of the time; our favourite game was hide and seek. "You couldn't see her while she was poorly and so you used to sit at the window which looked out onto the front street, where her family lived, and you'd pretend she was outside playing in the street and you'd talk to her through the window, quite sweet really. You hated going to bed, your father had to drag you away from that window!" said mother. ...read more.


I don't love Gregory, but he would die without me, you see he's slightly obsessed, I thought it was cute at first, but I- I don't love him at all, I've got to call it off!" "Maria, you mustn't! Not tonight, please, it's your birthday, don't spoil it for yourself by saying something you might not mean-" "I might not mean? The guy drives me crazy! I might have had a drink but I know my mind! You just want me to live with that idiot! You want me to live in misery! Emma I thought you were a friend, but you're just like him!" "That's not what I-" "Just leave me alone!" and that was when the crying began. She cried, non-stop for two hours, her head in my lap. She quite regularly hated Gregory when she had been drinking sherry, but he wasn't so bad. In the time she had, she defiantly had time to think about Gregory, and how although he had been asking her to marry him since the day they met, he isn't all that bad. She pulled herself together, went over to her dressing table to straighten herself out and then said "Emma, could you do me a huge favour, sweetie? Please keep that to yourself, what I just said I mean, it's just that things like that could cancel a wedding, you know?" "Sure, anything you say, Maria, hold on I'll go get us both a drink, you wait in here okay?" No, no, I'll come down, I fancy a walk in the garden anyway" "Alright then, well follow me down then." "Yes, I'll just be a minute" I guessed that was her apology, that was one thing Maria was not so good at, giving apologies, or admitting she was wrong, but she tried to admit without loosing any pride and I sort of respected her for that. ...read more.


She was looking at me and saying something, I couldn't quite make out what. I thought she would be scared by all the commotion but she just stood looking. I ran frantically towards her "Excuse me, dear, out of my way, come along move, who are you here with? Come along with me, you don't want to go in there." I was in quite a state, I realised I was talking to a child, and I stopped crying. "Come with me and we'll get some help" I went to grab her hand but missed, I turned and looked behind me "She's dead. Want to play a game? Let's play hide and seek. We always played by your rules, now we'll play by mine. Loser dies!" I looked at the girl closely, "Oh my, is that you Sarah! No, no, you're dead!" I began to shake and breathe heavily, the girl laughed and ran down the corridor. She stopped about seven feet away from me, she turned quickly, my heart sank, it was pounding, I was still breathing heavily, I couldn't believe what was happening. As she spun around I took a huge gulp, and a large man stepped out and stood behind her with his hands on her shoulders, she had blood dripping from her chin, she wiped it and smiled at me, as if to say "You're next!" her eyes were bloodshot, she was smiling at me wickedly, I suddenly looked up at the tall man who was with her, perhaps it was her father, I looked at his eyes, those evil, bright red eyes. I screamed, I shouted for help, I was so scared, my heart stopped pounding it seemed. "Oh my God!" I yelled- "Help!" I felt very faint "Help, please, somebody!" I could see myself in the reflection of his eyes, I was white as a sheet, I was screaming and shouting but nothing was coming out. I looked at the tall shadowy man "John-Paul, please, no!" ...read more.

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