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I am going to be comparing two texts on Childrens literature.

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Patrick Wood English essay - comparison of two non-fiction texts 16/05/2013 In this essay I am going to be comparing two texts on Children?s literature. The first text is an interview with Anthony Browne on the Scholastic book clubs website and the second is an article on first-time author Scott McIntyre on the Mail Online website. The interview with Anthony Browne is on a site that overall is informal for the benefit of its younger viewers, however, the interview itself is very formal and appeals more to the parents and teachers who are online. The Mail Online?s webpage, however, is just the opposite. The site itself is very formal whereas the text is informal but still I think that both texts are targeting more the older and more mature people, who will understand what the writer wants and is trying to express and who are interested, albeit in different ways, in Children?s literature. I would firstly like to start with the layout of the page. The Scholastic page design is very colourful and very bright (it uses primary colours), whereas the interview is very academic and reserved placed upon a plain (white) background. There is also a role of honour down the side showing all that Anthony Browne has accomplished, which is a way of selling/promoting him to the audience and again on the other side, a link to his award-winning book ?Gorilla? which he needs as is trying to sell in order for the Scholastic book club to make money. ...read more.


These colours are also chosen as it makes the bright red book stand out more when placed against a darker background. Also, Scott is lifting Jake up as if Jake is on a pedestal and this shows that Scott treasures Jake and is very proud of him, which the many adults who are on the Mail online?s website would be able to relate to as they would have children of their own. Next, I am going to look at the language in the texts. The main difference between the texts is the form that they are written in; the Scholastic book clubs text is an interview whereas the Mail Online?s text is an article. The Scholastic?s interview questions for Anthony Browne are very well organised and allow him to elaborate on his answers and go into much more detail than he would be able to if the questions only allowed yes or no answers. Therefore, the interviewer delves much deeper into Anthony Browne?s true emotions so that we can see how he really feels about the topics discussed. This does not mean, however, that he answers all the questions as fully as others, because when we look at the interview we see that in fact he answers questions about himself in depth whereas questions about others he answers in short, basic sentences. This shows that Browne is very self-indulgent and maybe even feels a little threatened by other Children?s authors so he promotes more himself and his books more than others and theirs. ...read more.


the book that you can try and find so we can see that he thinks that the most important part of reading is the fun but that he also recognises that the different Children in the target audience for his book are at different stages of development and so will be able to cope with different challenges. This addition may also interest the adult as well as the child so we can see from this that Scott McIntyre and Anthony Browne are on the same wavelength and that although they are at different levels of writing (Anthony Browne is a professional, whereas Scott McIntyre is an amateur) the base ideas that they both have show that in fact they are not that different at all and that there levels are around about equal. Mail Online?s text analysis- The texts about them may be very different as one is personal (the Mail Online?s) and the other is more Academic (the Scholastic book club?s), but the actual people are very similar and have a lot in common not in personality but in writing style. The texts are in different styles and differ in their levels of formality but the base is that the two texts were created to entice the reader. However, this is done in different ways; the Scholastic?s interview is made more to promote the Children?s laureate from 2009-2011, Anthony Browne, and the Mail?s article is more just of an article to make ordinary folk feel good by voicing the story of Goldsmith, Scott McIntyre. Approx finished word count = 2,500 ...read more.

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