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I awoke with a sudden shiver. I felt so cold and numb. There was an excruciating pain in my stomach. My head hurt.

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10/02/04 Farah Hanif I awoke with a sudden shiver. I felt so cold and numb. There was an excruciating pain in my stomach. My head hurt. I stared at the dirty crumbling ceiling; I could smell a damp and vile odour causing me to wretch. The putrid smell made me realise I wasn't at home in my warm cosy bed. I quickly turned my head to look around; my eyes flickered from side to side, trying to determine where I was. There was a metal cabinet beside my bed with a glass and jug of water on top, a large brown leather chair that was torn and an old dusty window, with a vase and fresh flowers. Then it hit me I was in hospital. Why? Why was I here? What had happened? As all these questions were running through my head the pain became unbearable, I screamed out in agony. It felt like a hundred knives were stabbing through my stomach. A few minutes later Dr Sullivan, the local paediatrician arrived. I could see my mum from the corner of my eye. ...read more.


I looked down at my watch and saw it was nearly ten. I hadn't realised how long I had been out just wandering the streets. "I cant believe how late it is I've got to go you know what my mums like" I said. " I'll walk you home if you want" "No its orite I'll be fine" I replied confidently Well I thought I would be. I decided to take the short cut home, through the woods. I increased my pace and headed towards the woods. I approached the graveyard that led into the woods. It suddenly seemed to get darker. The branches of the huge oak trees blocked any light from escaping their leafy web. I walked faster trying to hurry myself through the pitch-black graveyard. I tried to put the feeling I was being followed to the back of my mind but the paranoia was too great. I heard large heavy footsteps moving in my direction. The stamping boots approached; I heard a cough or a grunt. My heart was beating so fast I could hear it pounding away. ...read more.


I recognised them straight away. I clutched my blanket not knowing what to do. I quivered with fear. I had never been so afraid in my life. 'Bang' 'Bang' I heard a powerful hand banging on the door, attempting to jerk it open. I lay in my bed shaking before I slowly made my way to the door. I heard the footsteps making their way down the stairs until they faded away. I gasped as I came closer to the door. 'Bang 'bang'! had he come back? I clasped the handle in my palm and slowly turned it. Carefully, I opened the door and was horrified to find Sarah standing there. She had headphones on and was listening to The Darkness full blast. She claimed she didn't hear anything and thought I was playing a joke on her or something. I invited her in, as I turned around to close the door I found a note just outside my flat. Reluctantly, I picked up the note, and unfolded it; as I read it the colour drained from my face, I became pale. 'Careful what you wish for' I dropped the note and locked the door behind me. ...read more.

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