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I began to walk the winds blowing hard in my face and dust particles orbiting me. I could only hear the leaves rustling and I grabbed my long coat firmly as it was getting cold.

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NAME: KHALID DALAL 11X5 ENGLISH SET: 2 A painful experience I was perched silently on the fortress of the wall, my long, dark coat billowing behind me like angel wings. The cold greys of the industrial sector sprawled out before me, showing hunger of the smelling of the chippy around the corner, the safety of the city was barely visible on the horizon. The stairs behind me were steep and narrow yet I still managed to make it down. I looked around but the silence remained. "Screech" a cat scurried along the empty street. The dizzying heights didn't seem to bother much as I sat down on a narrow steel pole, my eyes fixed on a huge metallic bridge in the distance with the feeling of doubt that I was being watched. I spotted a dark figure round the corner and promptly got to my feet in awareness. Time was moving ever so slowly now, an echo of time once had and now lost. ...read more.


He switched on a light more like a faint light of torch whose batteries were dying out flickering it around but then kept the direction of the beam towards the ground. I could now here the faint padding of his footsteps on the dusty floor, the displacement of air in every breath he took; hearing the quickening beats of his heart, I began to pick up pace. Still my gaze was focused on the landscape before me, moving further into the industrial estate not taking my eyes of the cold steel structure. Suddenly it got to me what was I doing here? Where am I? Where are my friends? Oh no! I saw the man clench his hand breathing heavily and fast but soon my heartbeat outraced his. Coming closer towards me I hesitated more and more walking faster and faster twisting through corners and narrow openings. This place was too big what was I supposed to do? My heart still playing that monotonous beat really fast, looking for help but there was no success. ...read more.


I was just about to hit my head when I heard a creak on the floorboard. It was it. Then I saw him face to face matching the description when I saw him on the reflection of the broken glass but this time facing towards me. A large bearded dark man with small beady eyes and clothes that must have been two years old he looked as he was in his 40s but had a determined look of a mad-man, his evil smug smirk on his face staring at me. Blood and sweat combined together dribbled down my forehead, tears leaked out of my eyes, tears of fear. Ever so slowly he came towards me and constantly I refrained further towards the cracked window. I looked out once more and recognised my ex-friends were here. They were looking up at me giggling then bursting into laughter; more tears came out of my eyes, but not tears of fear, tears of betrayal and hatred. I had forgotten that there was a six-foot madman waiting to kill me. I had forgotten that. I could only see a bright light... Where was I? What had happened? Oh no! ...read more.

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