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I bolted upright and screamed, releasing the surge of terror, pain and blackness that had previously engulfed me

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I bolted upright and screamed, releasing the surge of terror, pain and blackness that had previously engulfed me like a valley before a crumbling dam, or at least, I tried. Unable to move or speak, for the unyielding restraints holding every possible part of my body that could move or even squirm, for the cool, foamy and seemingly large gag forced so far down my throat that my body threatened to convulse and retch. Also unable to see, for a sheet of metal curved around my head, this, like rest of my body, was unable to move. It allowed only a line of light to creep up the metal surface and highlight how dependant I was on my senses, almost mockingly allowing me to know I could still see, and move and speak, but not realise my surroundings. As a result of being verbally, physically and visually restrained, my other senses seemed to be enhanced; I could feel the cold metallic surface of the chair I was in, sending shivers down my arms to the pit of my stomach, making me shiver despite the warmth in the air. A smell of chemicals greeted me which, though unpleasant, smelled clean and sterile adding to the emptiness around me. A gentle humming of electricity, that I was only subconsciously aware of until now, plagued my mind, what was it, where was it coming from? My left or right, from front or behind? Where was my front? Was that my right? Where was I? Simultaneously two things happened, firstly a light struck in my head like a match, revealing corners of my mind hidden in the darkness, keeping silent yet knowing the answers, I was in room. I had heard rumours of this place, people said it was a gateway to hell, others claimed it did not exist, until now I had refused to think about it. ...read more.


What was he planning to do? Would he continue playing with me like a cat with a half-dead mouse? Would I leave this room alive, Sane...Whole? Strife, sensing my sudden panic jumped on the opportunity, he was the predator, and I was the prey. "What, in your opinion, is your worst fear? Stabbing perhaps?" "Don't you know? You seem to know everything else." I added sarcastically. "Of course, though people are sometimes somewhat deluded as to what their worst fear is." Strife corrected, remaining as cool as ever. "What do you mean?" I questioned slowly and suspiciously. "We give you your fear", noticing my expression of confusion on my face he continued, "not the instinct, no no, that would be impossible; we just give you what you would fear most. It gives us unparalleled control." "What's....mine....then?" I asked breathlessly, either from anticipation or lack of energy I'm not sure. "Oh no, I can't tell you that yet!" He said silkily, an evil grin spreading across his previously still face. "Though I can say, if you're going to continue questioning me and not vice versa, it's time for a little surgery." "Wha..." I half enquired, but my attention was focused on a syringe held by a mechanical arm with the needle embedded in my lower arm and the plunger down. "At the risk of sounding unoriginal; nighty night." Strife joked as my mind clouded over and my vision blacked out like a drape had been hung over my eyes. I was floating, little than a presence, an enigma. I could feel myself being moved involuntary to my brain's commands, my mind screamed with frustration, move, respond, see, feel! Suddenly light crept through me, like the dawn it gave meaning to the darkness, I could feel my mind regaining control of my body, bringing me back from the undying blackness. My eyes opened to see the quiet, humming tiles of the ceiling, I was still in the room, and resignation ran through me like a tidal wave. ...read more.


It was quicker than imaginable, the creature pounced on me, grabbed my shoulders with it's forearms, the claws sinking into my flesh, it turned it's head to the side and closed it's razor laden jaws over my face piercing my cheeks, the two large fangs penetrating my left temple. I could feel the venom flowing into my head, flowing with my own blood to every portion of my fragile, frail, feeble body, leaving a trail of agony behind it. The now blurred lizard released me from it's iron grip, sprang back and stared at me, waiting for the poison to take affect. It didn't have long to wait, almost as soon as it had sprang back my head erupted with extreme, splitting pain. I was falling, spinning, turning; the ground was near, so near, impact any second, closer, closer. My entire body convulsed, each muscle contracting with a strength no person could exert on their own, pulling in opposite directions, ripping my tendons and shattering bones. My mouth was an inferno, hotter and dryer than a desert. Water, I needed water! I felt my very own body leave me weakening me even further. Shooting pains ricocheted off the inside of my torso, racing up my overloaded spinal chord to my near shattered brain. My sanity was an ever-crumbling cliff, refusing to support the weight of what was happening to me, threatening to drop me into the dark void. "I ask you again, where is the headquarters' location?" Demanded Strife, his voice fierce, no longer cool and quiet. My response was a scream of agony and anguish, my head held high, howling like a wolf. "Who are the they'' "You never..... know, never!" I cried in a last, desperate response before the cliff gave way, my mind plummeting down into the void. The last words I heard echoing through my mind were, "We're not going anywhere with this, give him the antidote and take him away to be reprogrammed." ?? ?? ?? ?? Aidan Morrison 11C ...read more.

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