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I have studied the poems "Cousin Kate" by Christina Rossetti and "The Seduction" by Eileen McCauley. I have compared the ways in which both women have been seduced.

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I have studied the poems "Cousin Kate" by Christina Rossetti and "The Seduction" by Eileen McCauley. I have compared the ways in which both women have been seduced. The main difference in the two poems is the fact that "Cousin Kate" is written in the 19th century and "The seduction" is written in 1991 therefore the ideas of betrayal will be different due to the time period. The seduction is about a youngster at a party under the influence of alcohol, who meets a boy. They leave the party, sleep together and later on the consequence is pregnancy. These events all led to regret. Cousin Kate is about a poor young girl "Cottage maiden" who is used to working outside. A "Great Lord" who used her and dumped her for her cousin betrays her. She makes the biggest mistake in her life she sleeps with him and then she finds out she's pregnant. The poems I have compared have some similarities even though they were written in a different time to each other. ...read more.


Whereas the girl in the seduction hated the fact of being pregnant and she regretted what happened that night "When she discovered she was 3 months gone, She sobbed in the cool, locked darkness of her room". The "Cottage maiden" disputed the fact that he used her for pleasure. However the girl in 'Seduction' also feels she is no longer innocent and clean as she 'ripped up all her 'Jackie' and 'my guy' magazines up.' These magazines were made and perceived to be for innocent girls and she obviously feels she no longer deserves them, as she is no longer innocent. She regrets every little detail from this day and can't bear the fact she experienced it. The language used for "Cousin Kate" is language that would hardly be used to write a poem in that time period. Christina Rossetti uses metaphors such as "His plaything and his love. He wore me like a silken knot, He wore me like a glove". "Cousin Kate," is written in the first person narrative, which makes the Girl's feelings more directed and it therefore creates intensity for the reader, as the reader feels sympathetic. ...read more.


Magazines and dreams of the prefect love she just seemed to have gained lured her on "Where a stranger could lead you to bright new worlds. And how would you know, if you never took the chance" but all this soon changed when it meant nothing but a shameful event "Better to destroy your life in modern, man-made ways, Then to fall into this despicable, feminine void". Basically she has nothing to look forward to like the "Cottage maiden" whose pride is her child. Both poems have a different imagery I believe "The seduction" shows how you can make stupid mistakes when not thinking right and under the influence of alcohol, therefore you should think before you act as it may lead to one of the worst aspects of your life. I also believe that "Cousin Kate" focuses on the status of people and how wealth can affect peoples lives this seems as a more relevant imagery for that time as status and wealth does not mean a lot at the time of "The seduction". After considering the comparisons and contrasts I have made I think the characters show different ways to express their feelings but they are both abused in a very low and ill manner. ...read more.

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