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I stumble downstairs and sleep-walk through breakfast as my mum, dad and sister zoom around the house like they are attatched to rockets.

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"Beep...beep". The shrill, incessant droning of my alarm clock slowly rouses me into consciousness. I roll over and whack it into silence. 7:06. The alarm's obviously been going off for some time now but, as always, I'm the last person in my family it gets to torture. Noises from downstairs show the rest of the family is up and getting ready for the day ahead, as I should be. Or rather as I should have been about half an hour ago, which is the time I set the alarm for. I think I should definitely be in the Guiness Book of Records under "Heaviest Sleeper". I haul myself out of bed, the noise made by that small, mechanical instrument of torture still reverberating in my ear-drums, shove my feet into slippers and head for the door with my two cats, who substitute as hot-water bottles for my feet at night, following me. I stumble downstairs and sleep-walk through breakfast as my mum, dad and sister zoom around the house like they are attatched to rockets. ...read more.


The weekend is a joke. After working non-stop all week we are given a mountain of homework to do. I think the teachers can't stand the thought of us having any fun , we should just be working towards G.C.S.E.s, then A-levels and then university without a break in between. I know that teachers are only trying to help when they tell us over and over again how important GCSEs are, but they will soon just be telling us that A levels are far more important. At the moment I don't really want to go to sixth form or university although everyone expects me to. I probably will drag myself through sixth form just for the extra qualifications and to give me time to decide what I want to do. I'll probably take English lit., history and Biology, not because any of these subjects are ones I particularly enjoy ( apart from history), but because they are probably some of the more useful subjects that I could take. I always cheer up at lunch, probably from the thought that there are only two more hours between me and freedom. ...read more.


Lying on my bed I can't help wondering why it is that we have to go to school The way I see it my life is already mapped out for me. Hard work from the cradle to the grave with nothing in between. If these are the best years of my life then why am I spending them at school! Two years of nursery, followed by seven years at primary school, five more at secondary school, two at sixth form, anywhere from two to seven years at university until finally, when you think you are free, work until you're too old to do anything but draw your pension and play bingo. I suppose one good thing about having so many years between me and work is that I don't have to decide what I want to do for ages. I have absolutely no idea what I want to do and I don't really care what it is I do as long as I earn lots of money and the job doesn't bore me to death before I can spend it. Anyway, as I won't get my freedom for many more years, I'd better get a good nights sleep so that maybe I might actually wake up some time at school tomorrow. ...read more.

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