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I was riding at an exhilarating speed, I felt like a flame throwing dragon flying through the sky

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´╗┐My personal anecdote It was a sunny day, the birds were flying across the sapphire blue sky. I had gone out for a ride, the sun, blasting with flames shone on my face. The silence clung onto the air, only interrupted by the jarring cries of birds and the sound of my breathing. I was alone, alone in that countryside alleyway. A huge lake full of water, lay calmly beside me with the reflection of the bright sky and the burning sun on it. Its water was as clear as a diamond through which you could see the golden fishes swimming like magic nymphs. ...read more.


Far away, in the distance, I could see crumbling buildings about to fall and the wooden ruins on the ground. Suddenly, in front of me, I saw a huge rock towering over me thrown into sharp focus by the intensity of the moment; I knew something bad was going to happen but it was too late to swerve, I was about to crash. I desperately tried to stop but my breaks were broken and I could already feel my bicycle?s front wheel bump into the rock. I could see my life passing through my eyes in less than a second, burning flashes like old discarded photographs of smashed up instants of the past fifteen years. ...read more.


I was scared, scared as if I were falling from a skyscraper into the abyss. Everything became silent, even the birds had stopped their cries. Life seemed to have crept away in those few seconds I had been hurtled through the air. I was horrified, I thought I wouId die any second after my landing. My head banged against the burning rock causing my skull to crack. Dark, red blood came out of it and went dripping down its sides. I felt extreme pain. There are not enough words to describe the extreme pain I felt. From nowhere, people came rushing towards me and i suddenly heard the relieving sound of an ambulance which took me to the hospital. If life is marked by certain moments, this was defenatly one. ...read more.

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