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I will be analysing violent scenes in Romeo and Juliet.

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Iman Hussen Romeo and Juliet COURSEWORK As part of my final grades for my GCSE English, I will be analysing violent scenes in Romeo and Juliet. I will be discussing the themes with reference for at least three scenes in the play. I will be also writing down how I would direct one of the scenes in the play. The prologue of Romeo and Juliet gives you an idea of what the play is all about. The beginning of the prologue tells you that Romeo and Juliet is a tragic play, which is about two families who live in Verona. Both of the families are similar in nobility but they have a grudge against each other. This is shown on the opening four line of the prologue. 'Two household both alike in dignity... makes civil hands unclean.' The fourth line of the prologue is interesting as it can make the viewer think. This is because of the use of the word 'civil', which means people who are citizens of the same settlement. People who live in the same settlement should show respect to one another. ...read more.


'For now, these hot days, is the mad blood stirring.' Mercutio was not happy of what Benvolio is saying just like Tybalt was not happy what Benvolio said in Act 1 Scene 1. I think this makes the audience fell that this will be another violent scene. Tybalt enters looking to pick a fight on Romeo in which we know it is because Romeo was at the party. 'Mercutio, thou consort'st with Romeo' But Mercutio deliberately misunderstands Tybalt and trying to make Tybalt think that Benvolio that he was insulting him. But Tybalt tries to avoid Mercutio as he is still upset about him being insulted by hi parents because of Romeo. I would say that Tybalt and Mercutio have similar personalities as both are proactive and are always looking for a fight. Both are always insulting each other families. Romeo enters ad Tybalt insult really badly by saying: 'Thou art a villain' Tybalt insults him by calling him a peasant to a man of great status like Romeo. But Romeo did not wanted to have a fight as he knew that Tybalt was his blood as he was secretly married to Juliet. ...read more.


The nurse says that she should marry Paris, this made Juliet very upset as she felt that the nurse did not understand her and pretended to use her advice. 'Well, thou hast comforted me marvellous much' When the nurse left, Juliet felt very lonely as she has no one to turn to but she hope that Friar Lawrence can help with her problems otherwise she might as well die. Lines 235-241. If I had to direct Act 3 Scene 5, I would use a traditional setting of Juliet's bedroom in a medieval grand house. The reason for this is that I think that this scene is all about the Elizabethan times as it has Capulet wanting Juliet to have an arranged marriage and Juliet knew she can't as it would take her to hell. If I use a modern setting, I would think the audience would get confused. I would want to make Capulet and Juliet to show more of their feelings more. I would make Capulet strike Juliet in the face as it would make the audience know how angry he is. I would also make Juliet fall on the floor crying when Capulet does this to make her show her emotions a lot more. ...read more.

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