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Iam, I love, I fear I hope.

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I am, I love, I fear I hope I am My name is John Smith I was named after my uncle. He lives in India, and he's about 43 years old. I'm 14 years old, and was born on the 14th February 1987. I was born in Wexham Park hospital in London. My family moved to Manor Park in London when I was born. It is a three-bedroom house. My family and me are hoping to move soon because Manor Park is a rough area and is one of most corrupted areas in London. We're thinking of moving to Reading into a five-bedroom house which costs �200,000. My mum and dad used to live in India but moved here because for our education. My dad works in London, he runs a factory, and my mum works in the trading astate packing items up. I have three sisters and one brother. I am the sixth member of my family. My oldest sister is 24 years old, my second sister is16 years old and about to be 17 years old soon and my smallest sister is 15 years old and will be 16 soon. ...read more.


Another thing I love is the internet because, I can download games, music and cool programs, but the only problem is that the downloading time is very long that's why I brought a ISDN modem which can travel up to 128kb/s which is extremely fast, meaning I can download 200mega bytes in fifty minutes instead of spending two months downloading a program. I love listening to music especially rap, Hip-hop, R'n'b.. I would love to meet famous popstars and film actors because I love watching films such as thrillers, or horror films. I would love to go to America because its well know, its advanced in technology and because it's a very large and interesting place, plus there is a lot to explore, its hot there too down the equator and would be my number one tourist site and I would recommend people to see it. Last of all I would love to get A's & B's in my G.C.S.E's and succeed in life, but if I got all A's I would go over the moon and celebrate. I Fear I fear my God. ...read more.


It happened when I fell straight into the deep end and drowned. Few seconds later a lifeguard spotted me and saved me. Since that day I've gained more self-confidence and I'm having swimming lessons to improve my swimming skills just incase of an emergency. I hope I hope that my family succeeds in life. I hope that I pass my G.C.S.E's and go further into education and go to university and get a degree on computer engineering. I hope to be a successful Individual. I hope and I intend to achieve the grades I'm working hard for in 2003 for my G.C.S.E's. I hope that I will be a good person in the future and have a action life full of exciting, new and different challenges everyday. I hope my family be good people. I hope that my sisters and brother gets everything they hope for hope that I get the chance to go to America and view the beautiful landscape, and meet the people I've hoped to meet for a long time. I hope I have money to buy the thing that I've been wanting for a long time. I hope that when I'm older I can buy mansion and have a good job with excellent pay. ...read more.

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