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Identity Shaping in The Outsiders

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Constructing Identities Constructing and shaping one's identity can be done through many personal experiences. One way is how you react to and interact with others. Also, turning points in your life and how they affect you can form your identity. Ponyboy Curtis, from S.E. Hinton's The Outsiders, and Mark Pfetzer, from his own story, Within Reach My Everest Story, are great examples of people shaping their own identities. Ponyboy and Mark are both very supportive, kind teenagers. I believe this because they both stood by the people they cared about. ...read more.


Some great turning points for Ponyboy were when he talked to some of the Socials. I believe this because while talking to Sherri, he realized that money wasn't the only thing that separated them. While they were walking to Two-Bit's car, she told him that it was also their morals. She said, "You're more emotional. We're sophisticated-cool to the point of not feeling anything." Talking to Randy was a turning point because Ponyboy learned that money doesn't always make you happy. While they were in Randy's car, talking, Randy told Ponyboy about Bob's parents and how they gave Bob whatever he wanted and never blamed him for anything, but what he really wanted was for his parents to say no to him; give him limits. ...read more.


The first time Mark Pfetzer climbed the rock wall was a major turning point in his life. I feel this way because after he climbed the first wall he loved the feeling of it. This made him more interested in climbing. For example, Mark climbed another time at Alton Jones. He also began reading and trying to learn more about climbing. Mark started climbing at a rock gym even though he was too young. Soon he started climbing mountains and continued to try and reach his main goal, to summit Mount Everest. In conclusion, one's many personal experiences can help construct their identity. Ponyboy and Mark are two very different characters from books that seem very different. However, they both shape their identities through their experiences in life. ...read more.

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