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If you were directing 'Our Day Out' how might you bring out some of Willy Russell's ideas on certain scenes?

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If you were directing 'Our Day Out' how might you bring out some of Willy Russell's ideas on certain scenes? The play 'Our Day Out' is about a group of poor children who are going on a trip with their school. But these children are not like other children they are not as intelligent or as quick to react to things. They have a teacher called Mrs Kay who treats them with respect and also is very nice, tries to stand up for all the kids in difficult situations like when they get in trouble from Mr Briggs. Mr Briggs also tries to let them do what they want to, but he does only let them do what the want up to a certain extent and doesn't like anything that involves bad things. ...read more.


Also when he gets into the conversation he should start to trust them and a little smile should creep up on his faces. The children will walk over to the bear pit and look over in to it and start talking about it and how it must feel being in there on its own and not knowing what life is like outside of there or what his natural habitat is. There should be a lot of the children really describing how the animal must feel and while Mr Briggs is answering the questions he should take a step back and try to make sense of what is happening, and the kids can have a sensible conversation. ...read more.


In scene 30 he should walk back on the bus and make them give them all the animals' back. He should then give them a serious lecture on trust he should change his tone of voice depending on what he is talking about like he should talk quietly when he is trying to get a point across. When he shouts the children they should lose interest in what he is saying. Because they have all heard this before and just think that this is just another one of his talks. He should be shouting so much that spit should be coming from out of his mouth as he is talking to the children. ...read more.

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