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imagine that slim has a sister to whom he writes o occassionally

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Imagine that Slim has a sister to whom he writes occasionally. After the events of the weekend he decides he needs to write to her to tell her all about what happened. Dear Anne-Marie, Sorry it has been so long since I last wrote - but honestly nothing much happens here. All we do is work, work and work preparing for the harvest. Anyway how are you? How are Lizzie and Andrew, are they being good now or they still the naughty kids I met last time? Don't worry I'll send you some money as I get my salary because I know you're struggling to pay the bills. Anyway the reason why I wrote this letter was because something's incredible happened to us in the ranch in the last few days and I felt like I needed to share my thoughts and feelings with someone and to be honest you're my only family in this world an the only person I trust to share my feelings with. ...read more.


Finally we got Candy to agree to get the dog killed and Carlson took him outside and shot him, but I told Candy he can have any of my Pups to make him feel better. Later that evening, I went to the barn to do some work, and after awhile Curley came in looking for his wife, I think he thought I was flirting with her or something because he wasn't happy with me but I don't care what he thinks of me anyway, I told him I hadn't seen his wife the whole evening which made Curley very angry, we went back to the bunkhouse to see if she was back there but she wasn't and therefore made Curley even more angry. His eyes then went on Lennie who was laughing at something else but Curley thought he was laughing at him, so he start beating him up, Lennie didn't fight back at first but then Curley was beating him up ...read more.


Everyone ran into the barn and looked at Curley's wife. She was dead. Curley was furious, he knew it was Lennie and instead of feeling upset that his wife is dead he wanted to fins Lennie and shoot him, we asked George if he knew where lennie was and George told us but he didn't come looking for lennie with us. Nevertheless we were looking for Lennie when suddenly we heard a gunshot, we went running to where we heard it from and there we found lennie dead, shot in the head and George with a gun in his hand. George knew he had to kill him because if Curley found him he would've killed him out of hatred or locked him up, but he wanted to kill Lennie out of love and he wanted to give Lennie a painless death unlike Curley. Thanks for reading my letter, I just felt like releasing all my stress and tension on this letter for you to read. Slim ...read more.

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