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Imagine that you are directing a production of ‘An Inspector Calls’. Write to the actor playing one of the parts (except the inspector) and give them advice on how to play the character.

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Imagine that you are directing a production of 'An Inspector Calls'. Write to the actor playing one of the parts (except the inspector) and give them advice on how to play the character. In this essay I will be directing Mr. Birling. In the play 'An inspector calls' the Birling family and their daughter's fianc�, Gerald Croft, are celebrating their engagement. During the celebration an inspector calls, his name is Inspector Goole. He has come to investigate a suicide. The victim was a lady called Eva Smith and he tells the family that her body is in the infirmary. He also tells them that she killed herself by drinking strong disinfectant. The inspector investigates this with each of the members of the Birling family and Gerald Croft in turn. He questions them thoroughly and, at times, in a very unorthodox way. Each member of the Birling family gets angry at the way the inspector talks to them. Mr. Birling gets particularly cross as the inspector came in while they were celebrating the engagement. Later, after the questioning, the inspector left and the Birling family's secrets about each one's involvement with Eva Smith was discovered. They subsequently found that the inspector was a hoax and they jump to conclusions about public scandals. At the end of the play they receive another phone call - soon after the false inspector left - informing them that another inspector was coming to investigate a suicide case after a girl died at the infirmary having drunk some strong disinfectant. ...read more.


Then the mood changes to confusion and relief, this can be shown as Mr Birling keep on jumping to many conclusions of how there may be a chance of how they could not be a public scandal awaiting them, the relief can be shown by the same things as he is always jumping to conclusions about the good side of the event that occurred such as there may not be a public scandal. You answering the phone then putting it down slowly and walking towards your wife then telling the news of the hoax inspector should show the separation to both moods. The mood then changes once more to confusion before the play ends, this is shown by the phone call that arrives informing Mr Birling of the inspector on his way to the Birling residence to investigate what the inspector before had come to investigate, "That was the police. A girl has just died on her way to the infirmary- after swallowing some disinfectant. And a police inspector is on his way here-to ask some-questions-", the new news should be read out by you in many moods like confusion, as to why is this inspector coming, despair, as another inspector is coming after the inspection they just had. Before it is read out you should sigh and then read out the news in a tired way such as slowly reading it. ...read more.


Birling is a man of high status and tries to act posh but cannot as he is more upper class though Mrs Birling is more posh than him, and that he does not care what happens to other people lower than him, this is shown by the actions of Mr Birling as he did not want to give a good worker higher wages he sacked her and he accepts no responsibility for his actions towards Eva. He could not care less for the people like Eva Smith or Eva Smith herself. I learnt that he only wanted two things money and status, he is a social climber as he was looking forward to his knighthood and always referred to that under stressful conditions such as when he jumps to conclusions and say if there is a public scandal my knighthood could be on the line and could get taken away before it has even gone to him. He sees himself and his wife as maintaining values and as parents of proper conduct. Mr Birling is a stereotypic capitalist as he does not believe in more money for the poor he believes in whoever makes the money good for them and who do not they are not his problem. He is also a hypocritical inaccurate person as he refers to inaccurate facts about the titanic is unsinkable and that war will never break out, but the things he states are true and have already happened. This shows that he cannot accept change. ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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