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Imagine you are going to direct act 3 scene 4 for a class performance what advice would you give to your actors to make this scene interesting and tense?

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Imagine you are going to direct act 3 scene 4 for a class performance what advice would you give to your actors to make this scene interesting and tense? Hello, with the performance creeping closer all the time we need to look at act 3 scene 4 so today we will be concentrating on that, I will be giving you all some advice to made the scene tense and interesting for your audience who will be watching you all I will first go thought the basis plot of this scene telling you in detail of a few important features. So here we go Macbeth and his wife lady Macbeth are hosting a banquet at their castle the other lords attending are Ross, Lennox and other lord that are un-named. Macbeth and Lady macbeth enter and sit on the thrones provide for them there is some dialog greeting the lords and thanking them for them for coming before this scene macbeth has ordered two murders to go and kill his loyal friend Banquo and his son Flence because they ...read more.


The other lords can't work out why Macbeth won't sit down and join them. Macbeth then starts to talk about Banquo to the lords and says that he could not make it tonight. Inside Macbeth mind the ghost is talking over. Macbeth starts to talk to the ghost Lady Macbeth and the lords are very puzzled by this. One of the lords Ross say the king is unwell Lady macbeth reassures the lords that everything is fine then talks to Macbeth on her own Macbeth tells her what he sees Lady macbeth tells him to behave and act like a man and it is all in your head. They both resume back to the lords, as Macbeth can no longer see the ghost. But the he comes back. In angry Macbeth starts shouting at Banquos ghost. Ross asks him what he sees but Lady macbeth steps in so that he doesn't say anything she asks them all to leave which they do they are very puzzled as to the way the king has acted. ...read more.


You need to make sure that you look like you are in control of the matter and know how to handle it. When you are telling Macbeth to act like a man you need to be very harsh with him knock him back into the real world and make him see sense. Paul when you are talking to Banquos ghost at first you are very scared but then you could out of your shell slowly and face up to him, you will need to speak as if you are angry so talk in a low husky voice. Pam your voice needs to be firm and stern both of you need to act tired as you can as both of you are getting no sleep as I have already explained so if you take all this information I have told you today and work on it you will have them all hanging off the edge of their seat thank you for you all coming today I hope this advice has been help to you all. ...read more.

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