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Imagine you are the theatrical director of a production of

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Imagine you are the theatrical director of a production of "Merchant of Venice" English coursework essay: response to Shakespeare. I am going to set my theatrical production of "Merchant of Venice" act 1 scene 3 in a building in a street in Venice. The building in which this scene is set should be lit by candle light creating a slightly dark, gloomy atmosphere to give the audience a sense of mischief and wrong doing on Shylock's part. Costume wise I would make a clear distinction between the clothes of Shylock and the Venetians. Shylock will wear old dirty looking, dull coloured clothes whilst the Venetians wear colourful, more elegant looking clothes to portray their higher stature and importance. This will show that at the time the play was written Shylock, because of his religion, is regarded as being less important and has a low economic status. I will make Shylock around 30 years old with typical Jewish features including uncut facial hair and skullcap. He should generally approach his speeches with a slightly spiteful and mocking tone of voice. ...read more.


because this is a key speech about how he is treated badly by Antonio and other people because of his religion and money making. Another key phrase that should be spoken with a tone of pleasure and excitement is the speech, "this kindness will I show. Go with me to a notary; seal me there your single bond, and, in a merry sport" ending in "be nominated for an equal pound of your fair flesh to be cut off and taken in what part of your body pleaseth me" This says that if Bassanio does not repay the value of the bond at the right time then 1 pound of Antonio's flesh will be cut off by Shylock, which would give Shylock revenge for everything Antonio has done to him. Bassanio's initial speeches of act 1 scene 3 should be spoken with a tone of desperateness. They should be spoken fairly fast without long pauses before replying to Shylocks speeches. Bassanio is desperate to get the loan from Shylock so he can get to Portia, "May you stead me? ...read more.


spoken slightly light hearted and reassuringly because he is confident he will easily be able to pay off the bond in time and tries to make Bassanio feel confident about it too. Antonio's tone of voice now turns slightly jokily because he is sure that he will be able to pay off the bond and so is happy that Shylock is lending them the money. Antonio should jokily say the phrase, "The Hebrew will turn Christian, he grows kind." To slightly mock Shylock and make Bassanio feel more confident about the bond. Antonio should make often eye contact with Shylock to display to the audience that he has hatred for him. My presentation of act1 scene 3 will prepare the audience for later developments in the play because it introduces Shylock who is a very important character in the play. It also gives the audience a better understanding of Bassanio and Antonio's personality and there hatred, especially Antonio, 4 the Jews. This scene is also very important because it sets out the bond, and the condition of the bond which later in the play result in Shylock being ready to cut the flesh from Antonio. ...read more.

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