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Imagine you're Antonio, write a diary form essay on what has happened, record the events and how you felt at the time.

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Imagine You're Antonio, Write a diary form essay on what has happened, record the events and how you felt at the time. 23rd August I'm depressed, have been since I cannot remember when. I am at a loss with this emotion as there is neither rhyme nor reason. My friends strive to make me feel happy especially Solanio but still I feel no spark of happiness. My ships are out at sea but I have no worry for I know they will return safe with humble expenses. My deeper concern and worry lies with my loyal friend and companion, Bassanio, I feel lost and confused about his irresponsible ways and childlike behaviour. It worries and concerns me greatly as he is so young and innocent, I fear for him at times and at others I wish I could be like him - free and irresponsible but it's in my nature to covert and protect him as I fear for when I'm not around. 25th August I'm sinking deeper and deeper, Bassanio has come to me, for he needs three thousand ducats to travel to Belmont and court his true love, Portia, It is my desire to help him achieve this goal but I have no access to money. ...read more.


And now I must wait in silence for the court to decide the final outcome, I know Shylock will not take pity for our relationship is mutual and pity is not something you can expect from a Jew. My fear grows ads the court trial draws closer; my mind is battling to make sense of what to come. Surely the Duke cannot let the contract slip as this would break all money lending contracts, sending business agreements in Venice into chaos. I will try everything but Shylock is determined to have my blood and I feel no hope. 6th September Today my blood ran cold as soon as I entered the court room for my life was on the line. If I was to die today I wanted it over and done with fast, I saw no reason to live anyway - I have no money for my ships are still out at sea, my loyal friend has found his true love and argued with myself as I was to lose comfort in such a true friendship. I knew I could do nothing! My mind went blank, my life flashing before my eyes, all the good times Bassanio and I encountered together and I knowing in my true of true hearts that I'd never get to spend another day with him, as well as my close friends like Solanio and Gratiano. ...read more.


It transpires that Potria and Nerissa, her lady-in-waiting, played a very devious trick to save my hopeless life. They deceived the courts by dressing as men - the lawyer and the clerk. It was they who asked for the ring as a payment in testament of the love Bassanio had for Portia. Although Portia understood how much I really meant to Bassanio, as he gave away his commitment ring, I am grateful for it is over but it is tinged with remorse and guilt for allowing Bassanio to give up his ring in betrayal of Portia. How can I repay them? Great news has come at last... Portia gave news of my ships, three have sailed into port at last, and my worries are over. My mind is at rest. 28th September Many days have passed and I have been too busy to write. At last things are getting better, I have come to live with my troubled mind and my independence is improving. I have great plans for the future, plans to build up my fleet and trade. I am a fair and honest man and I am glad Jessica is to inherit from Shylock, for he asked the court to give him money for not taking the pound of flesh after the catch in the contract was clear, and my friendship with Bassanio is firm and strong. I am happy to be alive! By Charlotte Bull 10c ...read more.

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This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE The Merchant of Venice section.

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