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Immortality-the Soul She Lost.

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IMMORTALITY-THE SOUL SHE LOST Andy had told me to meet him at the creek, but the strange occurrence of people disappearing was an uncomfortable thought. I had first thought I wouldn't go but Andy persuaded me to meet him there but still I felt anxious and afraid. The sign outside the creek read DO NOT TRESPASS but this sign made me more curious and I went to the creek. I waited a few minutes before Andy turned up. The night was falling and it was becoming tenebrous. Andy had been bragging about a huge mansion he'd seen father in the creek there, but the thing was there was I anticipated that no one would be in the grounds of the mansion. We should have expected the unexpected. "You had to choose this day didn't you"? I exclaimed. "Why? you scared?" Andy replied in a rude voice. I didn't answer but yes I was afraid. "Just because it's Friday the thirteenth, you don't believe in all that rubbish do you?" "Yes". This sudden outburst made Andy hysterical and made him cry with laughter, because I "believed all that rubbish". But I knew Andy had his doubts about the urban legend. We kept walking for around twenty minutes before I saw a humungous house, well mansion. ...read more.


This mansion sounded a lot better and there I wouldn't have to think why I was abandoned day in, day out. As I would be away from the unkind people at the foster home, who reminded me everyday how unfortunate I was and how I must of done something wrong. Which they say would have led my parents to abandoning me. "Hey you lot I found an entrance" jack told us. "Let's go in then" I replied. "You really want to go in there?" Beth questioned. "Just because it's an underground tunnel you don't want to go in" Andy answered. "Yes" she replied but in a voice which seemed strange. We went in anyway and it led to a room which had a sophisticated lock on it so I literally had to kick it down, although Beth begged me not to. The room smelt like rotten flesh and the room was dark as I couldn't find a light switch. When I did find one I was horrified to see what I saw. Two dead mutilated bodies's lying their rotting. These were the ones in the paper with the headline "Ashley Connor disappears, where he is?" ...read more.


I'm not a murderer. "You might as well hand yourself in" a familiar voice said "Huh"I answered "Yes I know what you have done" she said again "Show you"I bellowed "Oh my god" I whispered "Yes I'm very much alive Ben" Beth replied "So why did you murder all them people" she questioned "I didn'!"I answered "Trust me you did" she said "Trust you, no way bitch I replied in an angry voice I could hear police sirens, Beth just disappeared in a cloud of smoke. "Armed police get down!" a policeman screamed I could see a red laser beam pointed right at my heart, I was scared, my life flashed before my eyes. I remembered that I had a pocket knife in my left pocket. "Move!" I screamed "I'll kill myself and take more than myself?" "Ok .....Ben there is no need for the loss of life" the policeman replied The police managed to calm me down and take me down to the station. They said they had found a machete with my fingerprints on it and I was going to be charged with murder. I tried to tell him my side of the story but he said "no one is going to believe you". I was charged with murder and I was given the death penalty.I'm waiting on death row.The devil got her revenge.But im coming to her.only ....5 days to go. ...read more.

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