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In A View from the Bridge Arthur Miller explores the theme of masculinity in a variety of ways. He portrays the different 'types' of masculinity in the personalities of his protagonists

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The theme of masculinity in A View from the Bridge In A View from the Bridge Arthur Miller explores the theme of masculinity in a variety of ways. He portrays the different 'types' of masculinity in the personalities of his protagonists. His evident ability to express the various views of masculinity in the play allows him to convey these ideas to the audience, leaving them questioning their own views of masculinity. In this essay I intend to examine the ways Arthur Miller has suggested that there is no 'typical' man through the characters and give my feelings on the impact of his thoughts. In brief, the story prior to this episode in the play reflects two major changes in the lives of the Carbone family; Catherine's new job and the arrival of Beatrice's cousins as illegal immigrants, Marco and Rodolpho. Rodolpho and Catherine begin a relationship but this causes disruption in the home as Eddie does not approve of the relationship, due to his unconscious incestuous desires for Catherine. Catherine and Eddie argue as Catherine feels very strongly towards Rodolpho and Eddie seeks advice from Alfieri, advice he does not take, due to his stubborn views. ...read more.


These skills are merely artistic self-help skills for his home in Italy and due to his youth and laid back nature. He cooks to help on the boats, many fishermen sew nets and knit in the winter and his love of music is purely because of his youth. Eddie does not see this and feels so bewildered that he assumes Rodolpho is a homosexual. In the earlier part of the extract Eddie immediately expresses his insensitive side to the audience when he makes the chauvinistic comment about Italian women being unfaithful while the husbands are away. This emphasises Eddie's sexist views that women need to be guarded and watched over, Marco, however, trusts his wife and is hurt at the remark. When Rodolpho replies "It's not so free" it appears to be the comment Eddie has been waiting for, the opportunity to retaliate and shout at him for leading Catherine astray. He wants to show his power and control over Catherine and warn Rodolpho that he cannot take her away. Subconsciously his desire for Catherine and his jealousy of their relationship is the main cause of his hatred for Rodolpho. An argument ensues in which Eddie becomes increasingly aggravated when all his reasons to be angry are quickly solved. ...read more.


Eddie feels that humiliating Rodolpho will make Catherine less attracted to him, which is not the case. This punch has enraged Marco. He loves his family and although he can be a calm and rational man, he will not accept Eddie's continuous taunting. He challenges Eddie, lifting the chair is a sign of strength and therefore masculinity. When Eddie fails and Marco raises the chair high above his head, Miller is showing that Marco is more of a man than Eddie, he has strength but compassion and it is an omen of what is to follow. Eddie's tragic end is already confirmed in this scene, how he will continue to make accusations at Rodolpho until Marco challenges him once more, a fight he will again lose. Miller is trying to show through this scene, and later in the play, that there may be a stereotypical view of masculinity, but nobody needs to be exactly this way to be a better man. Everybody has different qualities and attributes but often the man who can accept these differences is the better person overall. Eddie's fatal flaw in this play is his lack of acceptance to anybody unlike himself and this stubborn view of a perfect male eventually leads to his downfall and his death. ?? ?? ?? ?? 07/05/2007 1 Jess Busby 10C ...read more.

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