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In act four of 'The Crucible', Arthur miller shows the varying views of justice of the characters

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How does Arthur Miller use a range of dramatic techniques in Act 4 to conclude his exploration of the theme of justice? In act four of ''The Crucible'', Arthur Miller shows a turning point for some of the characters and that they have an unfair and incorrect viewpoint of justice. In order to understand this, we need to look at how harshly John Proctor iscomes about to be judged by his wife and himself. Another key idea to explore is how Judge Danforth does not seem very fair in making judgementsjudgements, as he believes he is honest and scrupulous whereas he is a strong believer of theocracy and his view of justice is warped. Another of the writer's concerns is how a society ensures justice and fairness when it believes that its fundamental beliefs are under attack. John Proctor is at first one of the only characters in Salem who sees the injustices of the court. Due to his ethical and moral beliefsbeliefs, he believes that by the endend, the right thing will cmecome about and justice will be served. ...read more.


Proctor knows he is a sinner and feels bad about it because he is no longer a good man but he wants to keep his good name and the respect of the village but he cannot do so if he tells them that the witchcraft business is all a pretence because then he knows his secret will come out. But Elizabeth does not givesgive the impression that she does not understand this or chooses not to. Although the atmosphere did seem quite cold in that Act, in Act 4, there appears to be new warmth between them. She look as if she has stopped judging him and says she has sins of her own like not being a good wife and keeping a cold house. Justice is supposed to be administered with fairness and equality,equality; however, 'The Crucible' demonstrates that this does not always prevail. Those appointed to administer justice often misuse their power resulting in a lack of justice. The judges in the court of Salem do not deliver justice fairly and accuse those who are innocent without any actual evidence. ...read more.


Abigail uses her power of fear to control the girls and force them to join her. Through their combined fearfear, the girls learn to pass the blame onto others. This is doneThey continue to do this no matter what the consequences of their unjust actions. This led the Salem community to believe that their highly moral and upstanding neighbours are responsible for these sinful actions. Abigail uses this opportunity to gain control over the adults of Salem, and accuses Elizabeth of witchcraft in order to be with John Proctor. Undoubtedly, many members of Salem community took advantage of this hysteria for personal gain. Therefore, justice cannot protect the innocent as it has been abused. Those appointed to administer justice are often blinded and result in the innocent being condemned. Justice only protects the innocent if there is a fair trial although the judge is blinded by what he believes in, as he will not accept any other type of belief. Thus, once again justice failed to protect the innocent. In 'The Crucible', The guilty were protected while the innocent were condemned The guilty were protected while the innocent were condemned the inocentinnocent were have been condemned while the guilty were have been protected and so justice is corrupted. ?? ?? ?? ?? Surayya Cheema Page 1 The Crucible essay ...read more.

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