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In act one of shakespeare's Romeo and Julliet, all the ingredients are established for an exciting and entertaining tradgedy, discuss these ingredients and their dramatic importance.

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Romeo and Julliet In this essay I am going to attempt to answer this- 'In act one of shakespeare's Romeo and Julliet, all the ingredients are established for an exciting and entertaining tradgedy, discuss these ingredients and their dramatic importance' In Elizabethan times the introduction to a play would have had a big impact on the success of the play, and so therefore the introduction played an important part. In Elizabethan times the audience would leave the theatre and have their money returned to them, if the entertainment wasn't sufficient during the first act. This meant that Shakespeare would have to establish the foundation of the plot, interesting chartacters, and have entertained the audience with music, dance, comedy and further more, the promise of more exciting scenes. Romeo and Julliet is a tradgedy and this would have been shown by a flag flying outside the theatre. A tradgedy contains certain ingredients, the tragic hero should be of high worth, but on the other hand shouldn't be perfect, as the second ingredient is that a tragic flaw, or excess of arrogant ambition in the hero leads to their downfall, although their downfall can also be due to the fact that fate is against them, as is the case in Romeo and Juliet. ...read more.


Firstly Prince Escalus threatens the servants with death, if they are found to be brawling again. Secondly It is revealed that Romeo is depressed, and it is revealed that it's because he is in love with Rosaline who will not return his affections. Thirdly Benvolio tells Romeo to look elsewhere, and this leaves the audience wondering when and where he will meet the person who he later ends his life with. Also the audience find out that capulet has agreed for Paris to marry Juliet. Further more Tybalt is angry that Romeo has 'gate crashed' the Capulet party, and it is evident that he will want revenge. Further more Romeo meets Julliet and both instantly fall in love, the audience will want to know what is to happen between them next. Shakespeare also includes extremely interesting and dramatic characters in his play, one of these is Mercutio, he is lively, witty, loyal and daring, these characteristics keep the audience entertained, and interested in the play, he also is very changeable as we can see when he talks about 'queen maab' this also adds to the dramatic quality of the play. He is always living his life on the edge and always looking for something new and exciting to do. ...read more.


This illustrates how Romeo may try as he will to end the fighting between the Montagues and the Capulets, but he will always fail. Mercutio's death is very significant to the play as when Tybalt kills Mercutio, the attributes of a comedy die with him. From now on, this play becomes a Tragedy. This demonstrates how Mercutio is a strong representation of all that is youthful and light-hearted in this play. Mercutio does not change dramatically in this play. The only difference the reader may witness is at the end of his life when he exclaims;,"A plague on both your houses!" This is a change from Mercutio's typical character because Mercutio has never been so serious before. He has never expressed any disagreement of the relationship between the Montagues and the Capulets. Now, he seems to become conscious of the harm the fighting is capable of doing; unfortunately, it was too late for him. To conclude, Mercutio was a very complex character and his vim and zest make the story line a lot more interesting to read, his light-hearted quips lasted right up to the end; "They have made worms' meat of me" He knew that he would be dead from the wound he had received and this was his way of dealing with the pain he suffered. ...read more.

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