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In an inspector calls the writer J.B Priestly's main aim is to show the audience or reader that we don't live alone - We are members of one body.

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In an inspector calls the writer J.B Priestly's main aim is to show the audience or reader that we don't live alone. We are members of one body. We are responsible for each other. This means that we should all take responsibility for each other for our own actions can have consequences on many people. Priestly has achieved his aim quite successfully throughout the play, he uses the character inspector Goole to find out the actions of one family and shows the audience how five actions played a part in the girls death as a consequence. The novel an inspector calls was written in 1945 after world war two had ended and Lloyd George had proposed the idea of a welfare state, which is where the government gives money to unemployed, homeless and ill, this is quite relevant to the play as the character Eva Smith is homeless and unemployed for most of the story and has no where to turn but Mrs Birlings charity, where they have to appeal to a panel of well off women for money to help them get through the tuff times, but Mrs Birlings charity turned there back on Eva Smith and this was the case of many people of this time. The play is set in 1912 the time of the titanic being built and ready to be sailed, in the "next week-46 thousand 8 hundred tons - New York in five days and every luxury and unsinkable absolutely unsinkable." ...read more.


Its just that I cant help thinking about this girl - destroying herself so horrible.' I think this shows that she's had quite a sheltered life and doesn't really know what's going on around her and as she's a young influential girl, she's influenced by many things especially the inspector and begins to understand how he works. Youngsters have more chance to change there errors of there ways, and tend to pick up things a lot quicker and this is no exceptions for Shelia and Eric. Gerald tends to be in the middle of to the two age gaps as he's older than Shelia but younger then Mrs and Mr Birling. The structure of the play is quite basic, as the inspector interviews each member of the family individually and what they've done as he questions the family in series of events. Mr birling going first about the sacking of Eva Smith, for wanting a rise of 25 shillings a week. Sheila got Eva smith fired because Sheila complained about her work because Sheila was in a bad mood and was in a furious temper. Gerald is the third person in the chain of events, he met her in a bar and she was known as Daisy Renton, he had an affair, which carried on over the last summer and was his 'mistress.' ...read more.


Inspector Goole says 'and I tell you that the time will come when, if men will not learn that lesson they will be taught it in fire, blood and anguish'. This is use of dramatic irony, as the fire blood and anguish part is about the first and second war, and that it will take wars like this to try and stop people just thinking about themselves, and not thinking about the consequences of there actions. The blood and anguish speech that the inspector says is mainly aimed at people like mr and mrs birling as they are set in there ways. I think the play is really successful and shows the reader that or audience that every action has a consequence on someone, its showed that a few chain events can have tragic consequences like the death of Eva smith. It also means if we all don't start learning we will all suffer. In today's society we still suffer from actions having great consequences. It also shows that we've had two world wars and we're still having people living like 'eva smith and john smith' and we're still trying to learn are way of error and make a mends. "We don't live alone. We are members of one body. We are responsible for each other." What is Priestly's main aim in 'an inspector calls'? How successfully does he achieve it? Charlotte Hickman. ...read more.

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