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In my assignment I am going to write about the story of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, which has been made into films by lots of people. I am going to write mainly about the version of Frankenstein by Kenneth Branagh.

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Media Assignment- Frankenstein In my assignment I am going to write about the story of Frankenstein by Mary Shelley, which has been made into films by lots of people. I am going to write mainly about the version of Frankenstein by Kenneth Branagh. In 1931 Hollywood made a simplified version of Frankenstein and stereotyped the monster to be evil with bolts in his neck and a big, green square head. In the 1960s an English company called Hammer Horror revitalised Frankenstein movies and Christopher Lee made the monster look more like a man. All of the Frankenstein movies before Kenneth Branagh's version had made the monster evil. In Kenneth Branagh's version of the story he filmed the entire book and tried to stick closely to the original novel by Mary Shelley. Kenneth Branagh directed and played the part of Victor Frankenstein, Robert de Niro played the monster and Helena Bonham Carter played the part of Elizabeth, Victor's orphan sister, girlfriend and wife. ...read more.


The monster is thrown out of the house and becomes very angry at Victor for making him. He sits and tries to read part of Victor's diary. He decides he wants revenge. He meets a boy by the river who is Victor's brother and he kills him. Victor's family think it was the housekeeper and she is hung for it. Victor then goes away on his horse and meets the monster. The monster pushes him into a cave and they sit and talk. The monster tells Victor that it was him who killed his brother and that he wants him to make him a woman, or he will kill everyone that Victor loves. The monster chooses the woman that was hung for Victor's brother's murder and Victor refuses to make him, which makes the monster even angrier. Victor and Elizabeth then get married. On their wedding the monster kills Victor's father. ...read more.


Victor Frankenstein thinks of the monster as an experiment and nothing else. All the way through the film there is ice and storms. This shows the coldness of the human heart. There is also fire in parts of the story, which shows the monster's anger and his want for revenge. The blind man in the story is the only person that likes the monster. This is because he doesn't judge him because of his looks. The blind man also knows how the monster feels because he is also thought of as an outsider. In the film the whole story is set high up in the mountains, which shows that humans think they are better than everyone else- they think they are gods. The monster will not kill Victor Frankenstein but kills his loved ones. This is because the monster wants to punish Victor Frankenstein for what he has done to him but he cannot kill Victor Frankenstein because the monster believes that he is his father. ...read more.

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