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In the poems Jac Codi Baw and East Moors Gillian Clarke is able to create a strong sense of place and change. Write about the each poem and explore the effect the events have on individuals and the community.

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In the poems "Jac Codi Baw" and "East Moors" Gillian Clarke is able to create a strong sense of place and change. Write about the each poem and explore the effect the events have on individuals and the community. During this essay I will be comparing two poems written by Gillian Clarke "Jac Codi Baw" and "East Moors". Gillian Clarke is one of the most famous Welsh poets of the 21st Century. She was born and brought up in Cardiff in 1937, she was a very talented student, she was educated In University Collage, Cardiff later working for the BBC for two years. Clarke mostly writes about Wales, especially the wonderful landscapes and rural life, her poems consist of rhythm of seasons and her life in the city bringing up three children in the suburbs of Cardiff. The first poem I will be discussing is "East Moors". "East Moors" is about the change of time and lifestyle dealt within Cardiff. ...read more.


The emotions within the poem are the lack of caringness by the demolition gang and the loss of History within the building. "Jac Codi Baw" has a structure of 22 lines and 2 verses; there isn't a specific Rhyming scheme. The main Poetic devices used are Pathetic Fallacy and semantic field of flowers an example of this in the text is "grown over with Ragwort, Toadflax and Buddleia" this is introduced to the poem to give a sagacity of nature. The tone of the poem is sad due to the demolishment of the building "I can't laugh. Too much comes down in the deaths of warehouses." The main imagery within the poems are time and decay, this is used to give the building an old effect that it needs to be demolished therefore the poem has a lot of emphasis on "old bricks crumbling", this might be used to create a vivid picture in the reader's mind. ...read more.


Between the two poems the most striking images are the uses of nature to enhance the age of the buildings "cherries are in flower" and "Ragwort, Toadflax and buddleia" My personal opinion of "East Moors" is that it is very detailed in many different aspects from the scenery to the people. The good factors of the poem are that it shows contrasts before and after the demolishment of the steelworks, the imagery used is very rich and thorough. My opinion of "Jac Codi Baw" is that is very simple and good for an easy read, it goes straight to the point in the two versus. It also brings local influences in the poem like "Caernarfon slate" to enhance the scenario. The poem I prefer is "East Moors" because it shows the real emotions of the workers who lost their jobs in that era, as said above it also shows the contrast before and after the steelworks were demolished. Also tells us the advantages and disadvantages of the steelworks. It also marks the loss of the city and the history or trademark of Cardiff ...read more.

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