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In this essay I am going to pay special attention to how Priestley makes the messages of the play dramatically effective. 'An inspector Calls' resorts to the ripping off of masks that we human beings wear.

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[An 'Inspector Calls' is a well-made 20th century play and was set in 1912 which was a time of the Edwardian era. It was produced in 1945]. In this essay I am going to pay special attention to how Priestley makes the messages of the play dramatically effective. 'An inspector Calls' resorts to the ripping off of masks that we human beings wear. When each member of the Birling family find out that they contributed to the death of Eva Smith, they react in different ways and learn different things from experience. Mr Birling is an arrogant man who believes whatever he says is the truth, for example "The Germans don't want war!" and " Russia will always be behindhand." We know this statement is incorrect because of the war between Germany and England Stalin's influence on Russia. Mr Birling is optimistic about the future, yet we know what he predicts will not become true. When the Inspector arrives, Mr Birling tries to use his influence as a hightly placed local to put down and demoralize the inspector. ...read more.


He appears as a typical "hardheaded" businessman who does not care about his workers need but just about how much money they are making him and how little he has to pay them to work. As Mrs Birling enters she is immediately out of place. Whilst the audience and rest of the cast are silent and thoughtful, Mrs Birling enters in a happy mood and rather pleased with herself she says "I am Mrs Birling, y' know. My husband has just explained why you are here, and while we'll be glad to tell you anything you want to know, I don't think we can help you very much. When we watched the video of the play Mrs Birling is encircle in a warm colour such has red to show her arrogance. As Mrs Birling begins to become less sure of herself and her position. When the Inspector starts questioning her she immediately replies "Please don't contradict me like that and in any case I don't suppose for a moment that we can understand why the girl committed suicide, girls of that class." ...read more.


The inspector is a determined person who has power over the Birlings because when he is making a point everyone listens to him and actually realises that they have done something wrong for example he says 'STOP!' and they all stop and listen. All threw the play the inspector seeks the truth by focusing intensely for the crime the Birlings has committed because he constantly say's ' We are responsible for each other and I tell you that the time will come when, if men will not learn that lesson then they will be taught it in fire and blood and anguish.' This means that he is telling the Birlings that they are all responsible for the death of Eva Smith. He knows they are all guilty but he wants them to admit to themselves and that's when he says 'She'd been turned out and turned down too many times. This was the end.' So in other words if they hadn't turned Eva Smith down so many times she might of have been still alive. ...read more.

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