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In this essay I will be comparing two of Rohal Dahl's short stories which will include different language techniques to how he shocks, entertains and intrigues the reader.

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English - Essay In this essay I will be comparing two of Rohal Dahl's short stories which will include different language techniques to how he shocks, entertains and intrigues the reader. The two stories which I have decided to discuss are The Land Lady and Lamb to the slaughter. The reason for this being my choice is because I found them extremely interesting and entertaining. In the Land Lady Billy Weather a young 17 year old who travelled down from London to Bath arrived at the Bed and Breakfast. Billy was drawn in from the small sign in the window, it said BED AND BREAKFAST, BED AND BREAKFAST BED AND BREAKFAST. Each word was staring at him like a large black eye this is what drew Billy in. When Billy reaches and put his finger on the door bell the Landlady appears straight away. As if she is waiting for his arrival. "But this dame was like a jack-in-the-box he pressed the bell and out she popped. This creates a nervous atmosphere for Billy which is rather entertaining. ...read more.


The Landlady followed Billy to his room and asked him to come down and sign the guest book when his ready. When Billy went down to put his name in the guest book he noticed there were only 2 other names who had stayed at the bed and breakfast in the last 2 years. He said aloud "Christopher Mullholland" Gregory Temple" he heard the names before but couldn't think where. Then he realised they were in the paper but couldn't think what for. Billy said "the last entry is over 2 years old" it is very strange that nobody else has stayed here before there must be a reason behind it. Billy said to the Land lady "I suppose they left fairly recently". "left"? But my dear boy they never left. He is still here. Mr Temple is also here. This makes the reader think what an earth is she going on about it's like she's going mad. "They are on the third floor, both of them together" the Land lady said. ...read more.


In my opinion I think that Patrick told Mary that he was having an affair with another woman and that he was going to leave her for this unknown person. This is why he states "of course I will see you're looked after" In the Landlady there is no murder, Dahl has left it to the imagination of the reader, but he is implying that the Landlady has done the same to him as to the pets and the other two young boys. Whereas in Lamb to Slaughter there is a murder but again Dahl has left it to the reader as to why Mrs Maloney hit Patrick with a leg of Lamb. Also in both of the stories especially in Lamb to slaughter it seems that Mrs Maloney gets away with the murder as she gave the murder weapon for the police officers to eat. However it also seems that whatever the Land lady has done shed also got away with it. To form a conclusion of the stories I would say that Dahl has aimed at entertaining the reader more in Lamb to Slaughter than the Landlady, where as in the Land lady he has focused more on intriguing the reader. ?? ?? ?? ?? Daniel Windish ...read more.

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