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In this essay I will be investigating the fate and characteristics of a tragic hero in a play

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Eddie Carbone Tragic Hero\ In this essay I will be investigating the fate and characteristics of a tragic hero in a play "A View From The Bridge" written by Arthur Miller. The character discussed in this essay is a longshoreman named Eddie Carbone - a responsible family man living in the rough neighborhoods of Red hook, Brooklyn, New York. A Sicilian community bound by a strict social code. Eddie's credentials are compared against Aristotle's view of a tragic hero " one who is neither villainous or virtuous, moving from a high happy status to a miserable one through some frailty or error in judgment." Through out the play we witness the development of this as we see Eddie fall from his high status in the community to losing everything, his family, respected name in the community and even his life. By witnessing his downfall (nemesis) the audience is moved to pity (pathos) because he suffers from a frailty that we recognize which could have happen to us. This is what makes him a tragic hero. ...read more.


Letting Catherine take her job was a difficult thing to do, he has managed to control some of his feelings, but what's more is that Beatrice's cousins arrive which includes a young man, Rodolfo who Catherine has taking the like of "you like sugar?" This means that the time Eddie will be spending with his secret love would be less. And this causes jealousy over Rodolfo which then leads to hatred. Eddie indicates this when he punches Rodolfo intentionally to release his anger and show how less a man Rodolfo is. When Eddie discovers the wedding his lets his emotions take over him and begins to blackmail Catherine into not marrying Rodolfo "he's only bowin to his passport" To a certain extent that may be true since it is common in those days and it is understandable that Eddie as an uncle should be worried. But whether Eddie truly believes that or he is saying that so he could have Catherine is unclear. The "(to Catherine) you see" (after the kiss implying that Rodolfo is gay ) ...read more.


Emotions is a hard thing to control. Eddie has already compromised and let Catherine take her job. Fate has brought Rodolfo into Eddies troubled mind at the wrong time. It is normal for a father to feel protective of their daughters especially when they are living the rough parts of the states and only knows the cruel reality of the society. Being an uncle, the level of incest is not as strong compared to father and daughter relationship. The gap between illegal family laws is smaller creating a stronger temptation for Eddie which makes his incestuous feeling difficult to ignore. And after all "Eddie was never meant to have a destiny" Eddie has lost everything, his family, his confidence in the community, friends etcetera. Basically eddie has already been paid back for all the faults he uncontrollably committed. I believe miller has succeeded in making us feel pity for Eddie. I think Eddie has represented a lot of individuals with incest problems, shown us how easily it was to be a victim and how emotionally difficult it is to free yourself. Finding your own daughter sexually attractive is an easy thing. He has made us wonder " Is incest really that bad?" ...read more.

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