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In this essay I will be talking about the relationship between Juliet and her parents and the way Shakespeare uses language to show this.

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Lisa Holland 10o Coursework - ROMEO AND JULIET ESSAY In this essay I will be talking about the relationship between Juliet and her parents and the way Shakespeare uses language to show this. In Shakespeare's day, women did not have the same status as they do now. They were controlled almost owned by their nearest male relative, father, brother, husband, etc. they were expected to do as they were told. Juliet was brought up by nurse and has become very close to her like a mother and a friend. Juliet's mother does not have a very good and close relationship with Juliet, she is just someone who can boss Juliet about. Juliet does not have much freedom as she can't even choose her own husband, her father chooses him for her and she has to marry whom he chooses. Nobody can say against that, it is her father's decision as he is the male and is higher than the women are and is head of the family. People who had to marry were mainly married for money and power, not love. Her father owned Juliet and she had to obey everything he said. If she disobeys him then, he will disown her and beat her. In Shakespearean time women were married to have children and to make two families join together to make one big family. ...read more.


The Quote for this is 'Sir Paris I will make a desperate tender of my child's love: I think she will be rul'd in all respects by me: Nay more I doubt it not. Wife, go you to her ere you go to bed, acquaint her here, of my son's Paris' love and bid her, mark you me? On Wednesday next. But soft what day this is. Juliet has no say in this decision she is told she has to marry Paris, Juliet's parents decide. Paris and Capulet then set a date for the marriage 'A Thursday let it be, tell her she shall be married to this noble earl' In act 3 scene 5.It is the morning after juliets wedding night. The nurse rushes in to tell juliet that her parents are on their way. Lady capulet tells juliet about the marriage. Juliet is upset for Romeo being banished. Lady capulet it is because of Tybalts death so Juliet plays on this. Shakespeare uses dramatic irony as Juliet is crying as she dosen't want romeo dead. When Lady capulet tells Juliet she's to marry paris Juliet does a lot of crying, Shakespeare uses lots of water images at this point to emphasise how much crying she does. Lady Capulet tells her to stop and to show this Shakespeare uses contrasting ideas which serve to balance a sentence 'Much ...read more.


Lady Capulet too claims that Juliet is no longer a daughter of hers if she refuses to obey Lord Capulet. Lord Capulet treats Juliet like a prisoner. Shakespeare uses stage directions ' my fingers itch' this shows direction for violent behaviour toward Juliet. Capulet is ready to physically attack Juliet, this shows Lord Capulet being a cruel father. Shakespeare uses hyperbole when Lady Capulet says ' this is an exaggeration' but Lady Capulet uses it to make her point and to contrast her angry mothers oppinion against the tender approach of her father. It also sets the scene for Lord Capulets own expressions of anger, which Lady Capulet says are 'too hot'. Towards the end of scene 5 the nurse lets Juliet down as she tells her to commit bigamy 'I think it best you married with the country, O he's a lovely gentleman.' Juliet uses heavy sarcasm 'Well thou hast comforted me, marvellous much go in, and tell my lady I am gone, having displeas'd my father, to Lawrence' cell, to make confession and to be absolv'd' Juliet lies to nurse and takes her life uder her control. At the end of the scene Juliet insults the nurse 'ancient damnation, O most wicked friend' Juliet ends the friendship 'so many thousand times. Go counsellor tho and my boson henceforth shall be twain' Juliet then says if anything else fails I can kill myself 'if all else fail, myself have power to die' ...read more.

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