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In what ways, are relationships distorted in T.S. Eliot poems?T.S. Eliot was an intellectual of the modernist movement of the 20th century. In the

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T.S. Eliot: In what ways, are relationships distorted in T.S. Eliot poems? T.S. Eliot was an intellectual of the modernist movement of the 20th century. In the 20th century, there was the invention of the machines, so now with the invention of new machines; factories started to opaque other commerce which were not industries. Now the world was facing a growing problem: mass production. With mass production, industries started to come up. This is the result of an economic phenomenon called industrialization. Because of industrialization, there were not enough jobs in the rural area, which obliged workers to move into the cities. This problem is called urbanization. Due to the urbanization, workers had to labour under terrible conditions; industries exploited their workers asking them to work for long hours and with low salaries because there was too much demand for work, and not enough on offer. This kind of thought is what modernists, such as T.S.Eliot criticized: This unjust, inhuman way of living, a life where everything is done practically automatically. Where there is no fantasy, no adventure, or pleasure. A place where people have lost their beliefs causing desperation and frustration, giving rise to false prophets and false hopes. A place where there are so many, that they are mingled in a "sea of people". ...read more.


We can also see this distortion, when Marie is remembering about her first love. "you gave me hyacinths first a year ago (...) oed' und leer das meer" showing that Marie is mixing memory and desire, because it is her memory, which shades into loneliness (because of the change of language, showing alienation). We are not just presented relationships when having intercourse, but amongst each other. As part of these relationship breakdown, there is a true decay amongst human relationships, because relationships now are just there to satisfy "desire", and there is just "fucking" because it is not in even on procreation intempt, because if a woman is pregnant they go and have an abortion. It is all because of the city imprisonment that people abort because there's no time for large families, as it used to be; "he had five already, and nearly died of young George" this shows an emphasis in how life is born out of death. To see A further representation of the distortion of families, we see different types of relationships which are presented as contrasts to what is going now in the modern days, where there used to be a proudness towards family "musing upon the king my brother's wreck and the king, my father's death before him", where he uses Shakespearean elevated language as a representation of old families. ...read more.


But doesn't because there's no water, no hope", which could mean that there is no fertility, because water is life, and there is no life, because everything that is born, is born out of the death. There is hope that individuality won't be lost in the mob; "let us go, through certain half-deserted streets." And using nice-imagery vocabulary show us that there could be hope for remembering and recovering what was once a nice image, "And seeking that it was a soft October night". "There could be hope, but there's not..." "The fading star is in this valley of dying stars". This means that there could be hope, but there is not. The only hope we have is a fading star, which lives where all the dying stars are in the desert, where all the wastes are. Throughout T.S. Eliot's poems, we can see that the city alienates the people, and therefore their relationships. They become distant, monotonous, and this lead people to feel trapped and desperate, so they start believing in false prophets, and start do false things, like keeping pretences, and start to look like hypocrites. But there could be hope, but there is not, because human beings can not separate from their pretenses and appearances. This leads to an exhaustive worry of death. Because it is terrifying to see your life, and realize that you've done nothing that it's all been wasted in small talk, and then you realize that "I have measured out my life with coffee spoons". http://eliotswasteland.tripod.com/ http://www.english.uiuc.edu www.wikipedia.org ...read more.

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