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Informative Essay- Goa, the emerald paradise

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Informative Writing Goa, the Emerald Paradise My idyllic holiday destination is characterized b a tantalizing illusion of emerald, green and blue- my ideal holiday destination is Goa. This beauteous vision is flanked by the "western ghats" that undulate on its east and the Arabian Sea that spreads out over the West, as it sprawls over 3000 sq. km^2. It takes me away from the daily hustle of city life. Even after visiting Goa six times, it still lures me. Its golden sand washed by a dash of blue waters, the sky reflecting the sea underneath and swaying palms along with beautiful monuments. In all aspects, Goa is an embodiment of perfection, a perfect place to spend loving moments with the family. Goa is a beautiful sun-soaked tourist paradise surrounded by abundant water, golden beaches and lush green trees all together in 3700 sq. km. It is also known as the 'Pearl of the orient' and 'The Rome of east'. Goa was affirmed a state on May 30th 1987 making it India's 25th state. Goa is a melting pot of different cultures and ideals all across India. ...read more.


Many other species of birds are seen along the roads and at beaches. Aside from Bird Watching there are a number of activities that range from Crocodile watching to the primary attraction, a cruise ride. I myself went for the dolphin cruise where I saw a family of dolphins in a playful mood jumping in and out of water. The water sports that Goa offers are an exhilarating experience. These include windsurfing, scuba-diving, waterskiing, water scooters and parasailing. Of all these, I managed to do parasailing, scuba-diving and even enjoyed a ride on the water scooter after which the desire to return was even more but due to time constraints, I had to depart. This was Goa's wild side. After enjoying these activities, I also paid a short visit to an NGO - Goa Animal Welfare Trust (GAWT) based in Goa, a non profitable organization that vaccinates street dogs along with providing shelter to them. Since I am an animal lover at heart, I felt that I needed to help, and I did so by vaccinating a few dogs. ...read more.


Another very interesting aspect of Goa is its architectural splendor found in churches and other monuments. The best architecture was that in the Bom Jesus Basilica, one of the oldest churches, which also has a saint's body preserved in it. A time of the year where one can truly enjoy and celebrate the spirit of Goa is during the 'Carnival' or on 25th December, Christmas. During Christmas the entire atmosphere screams "celebration" as Goa is lit up with stars and lights. On Christmas Eve, all the family members gather for a traditional dinner that offers an opportunity to strengthen family bonds. Another very famous festival in Goa is the Carnival. Huge parades through the cities are organized with bands, floats and dances and balls in the evenings. The Carnival is typically Goan and is not celebrated anywhere else in India. Folk songs are sung from door to door in villages inviting, one and all to be a part of the celebration. A perfect blend of gentle nature with extreme adventures along with a tinge of warmth and affection from the locals has made Goa a tourist magnet, attracting several tourists regularly, with me being the most faithful. Word Count: 962 ?? ?? ?? ?? ...read more.

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