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Inspector Calls

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In Act 1 of 'An Inspector Calls' how does J.B Priestly use Dramatic devices to convey his concerns and Ideas to the member of the audience, as well as interest and Involve them in his play? The story of 'An Inspector Calls' is written about an upper middle-class family. The whole family are involved in the suicide of a low working-class girl. This play is trying to get across the moral views that you have to learn to be responsible for the actions you take. Priestley shows concern at the amount of capitalism in society at the time the play was written. He was a strong believer in socialism and hoped that by writing this play, it would show that it is right to be a socialist. In this play, the Birling family represent capitalism. Priestley wanted to show the readers that Mr Birling only cared about being rich and his image in capitalism, which was the wrong thing, and that you must be responsible as the wars in today's world are caused by capitalism and socialism is the way to move forward. Priestley wanted everyone to know that this was wrong, yet many people thought about themselves in this way. ...read more.


The audience know that there was a World War II that started in 1939 and finished in 1945. The fact that Birling is so exited when the titanic is sailing on its maiden voyage is ironic as the audience know the titanic sank on this maiden voyage '...unsinkable, absolutely unsinkable...' Birling makes this comment about thee titanic adding some comedy to the play. This gives the audience the impression that Birlings assumes he knows everything very early on in the play. He is a very confident man and thinks he knows everything but there is a surprise around the corner waiting for him. Priestly has very specific stage directions and instructions in this play. This may be to add tension to the thickening plot. An example of this is 'We hear a sharp ring of a front door bell. BIRLING stops to listen.' This happens as the inspector arrives and just before the doorbell rung, the men were having a deep discussion about the capitalism society. As the inspector walks into the room, the atmosphere is very quiet and subdued. The inspector seems to have added some mystery to the play and the audience begin to get the feeling, did he even exist from the moment he walked in the door? ...read more.


We see the Inspector trying to teach the family a valuable lesson that is the key to life 'You must be responsible for your actions.' By the end of the play only Sheila and Eric seem to have learnt these lessons and feel guilty about the way they treated Eva Smith and even if she wasn't real, it was a lesson to be learnt. This is clear to the audience as we see Eric and Sheila trying to make their parents and Gerald more aware of this matter and show them they are wrong, little things do count in life. The two children of the Birlings, Sheila and Eric seem to have learnt why the inspector came to them and he came to show them the errors they were making in life. The lesson they should have all learnt becomes clear when the inspector makes his final speech and says, 'One Eva Smith has gone, but there are many Eva Smith's and John Smith's still left with us.' This is showing there are still many poor people left in the world and and they depend on the way every other person deals with their lives. This shows us that we should think and change our ways to help others to realize actions always have consequences, whether they are good or bad. ...read more.

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