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inspector calls

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How does priestly use Mrs Birling as a catalyst to discuss social conscience and responsibility J.B Priestly believes that everyone should look after each other, although this does not happen often in our modern society as everyone is divided into different class such as "working class" which is someone who works for quiet a low pay, and "high class" which is someone who gets a lot of money and lives in luxury. The play was written in 1946, however priestly set the play in 1912 in the post Victorian era. At that time, Britain was very divided, every one believed in class and no one opposed it. There were some people who cared about it and made up charities for the pore or needy, but even they believed in the social divide between them. ...read more.


The inspector then turned to Gerald croft who denied meeting Eva smith/Daisy Renton, this was because he had an intimate relationship with her and then left her. This was yet another event that made Eva smith get closer to suicide. We then find out that Mrs Birling was also involved by not giving any support to her through a charity, she denies it many times before giving in. This was the final act that drove her to suicide. Mrs Birling is a very proud women and she believed that Eva smith did not deserve the support of the charity for many reasons. Firstly, Eva smith had used Mrs Birling's name instead of her own. This annoyed Mrs Birling as in those days this was quiet a bad thing to do. ...read more.


This is because in the times that this book was written it was expected for the father and the mother to be married when they have a kid. Mrs Birling still refuses as she believes that Eva is lying about being pregnant. This shows how that people do not put other people ahead of themselves, now days most people would feel the responsibility to look after one another but back then it was different. Mrs Birling believed that because Eva was of a lower class than her and that she had lied to her. Even though Mrs Birling is part of charity giving money to women who need it she still believes that she is higher than them. This shows how divided we were. ?? ?? ?? ?? Ewan Pickett ...read more.

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