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inspector calls

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An inspector calls JB Priestley was born in Yorkshire in 1894. His dreams were to become a writer. But at the age of 16 he became a clerk who studies about stories with a local wool firm. An Inspector Calls was written by J.B. Priestly, in 1945, but the setting was set in 1912, in the Edwardian society. As he had lived through World War 1 and 2 he knows what really happened during that time the play was set. In the play, he uses the characters to put across his views about social and also about Edwardian period when there was a separation in society. People were set into classes (upper class, middle class and lower class). This essay will show how j b priestly put across his message through the inspector and other characters played in the play and he enjoy in his high class society. The play is mainly focused at Birling family. When the Birling family gets a visit from a mysterious Inspector Goole it turns out to be a shocking experience for the Birlings as they find out that they have all played a part in the suicide of a young girl called Eva Smith. ...read more.


She is very curious about Gerald's part in the act. In fact It's remarkable that she isn't annoyed with him After she hears about the affair between Gerald and Eva smith. Since Gerald told the truth, Sheila respects his truthfulness. This is showing the audience that Sheila is becoming more mature. At the end of the play, Sheila is completely aware of her social responsibility by the end of the play. Eric is presented as disconnected from the rest of the family. The audience be familiar with this in the lines "because your are not the type of father chap can turn to when he is in trouble- that's why" this might make obvious that Eric as a father wouldn't be able to take a fathers full responsibility. Also that his father isn't a good father because he isn't there for Eric when he needs him. Eric is noticeably acting ironically towards his father, we can see in the lines "by Jove as you were saying a man has to look after him self". This might suppose that his is clearly not a view Eric normally holds, we can therefore summarise that he is acting like his fathers selfish ways. ...read more.


He has a way of making the suspect talk after saying them a piece of information. I think that J B priestly is making a point that you should have social responsibility towards others and you're self. The difference between younger and grown-up generation to Eva Smith's death clearly underscore Edwardian society's different attitude towards life. The younger generation were able to see the error of their ways and most importantly accept responsibility for their roles in Eva Smith's death unlike the older generation who perhaps will never alter their ways. In my opinion, I think the message of the play is that of equality and that we are all one body and should look after and take care of each other since we are inter-dependent. Using this play JB Priestley managed to broadcast his views and educate people on social responsibility and its importance to society. And it is for this reason that I believe 'An Inspectors Calls' is a magnificent play. At the end of the play there is a phone call of a suicide. J b priestly adds a final suspension to the family in the play and ends it. It makes a very good build of tension, to make us use our imagination to wonder what might happen next. By Krishan 10H ?? ?? ?? ?? 1 ...read more.

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