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Inspector Calls

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English coursework Inspector calls The play an Inspector Calls was set in the year 1912 in the industrial city Brumley. This story is about when an Inspector Goole enters the house of the Birlings who were an upper-middle class family enjoying an engagement party between the daughter of the Birlings and the son of another wealthy family. The Inspector changes everyone's life forever. The setting is in the dining room of the house, it has furniture of the time. There is a dining table, and also a fireplace then there is also a small table with a telephone on it. And the light will be pink and intimate. Inspector Goole was a man in his fifties who was dressed in a dressed in a plain darkish suit. He seemed to know a lot more than he should have known e.g. Eric Birling and Eva Smith's affair. The inspector had a different way in dealing with every different situation e.g. ...read more.


Mrs Birling then tells the Inspector that she denied help to the pregnant girl who asked for her help. And then we realise that when Eric had an affair with Eva He then had a baby with her. Eric then explains his relationship with the girl and hoe he stole money to give to her. Then after all his work is done the Inspector leaves to Birling house after leaving thought and guilt in everyone's mind. Before he leaves the house he says, "We are responsible for each other" and warns them of the, "fire and blood and anguish" that will result if they do not pay attention to what he has taught them. However, gradually, they start to realise maybe it was all a hoax and maybe the Inspector was their conscience so they ring up he local police station to see if he was real and then it turns out that he was not a real inspector. ...read more.


At the end, they still don't know who the inspector Goole is there are any things what the Inspector could have been he could have been an actual person who was just sent there to scare them for what they have done, It could have been something spiritual this was because in his name Goole-Ghoul which suggests he might have been a ghost. The word 'Inspector' means for someone to look into something and this is what the inspector does he digs deep to find information about the suicide. The most like meaning was maybe it was the conscience speaking after the all know they have done something wrong and have guilt killing them inside. I really enjoyed this play I personally learnt a lot, like I should think before I take an action this is because everything has a consequence J.B Priestley succeeded in the message he was trying to send out by writing this play the message is clear. The main story in the play was that everybody should think before they act because in the long term it could really affect somebody. ...read more.

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