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Inspector Calls

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AN INSPECTOR CALLS COURSEWORK In this coursework, I will be analysing and evaluating 'An Inspector Calls' written by John Boynton Priestley and how he has developed internal conflicts and what they suggest about the society. An Inspector Calls was written/produced in 1945-1947, but the play is set in 1912's. Firstly conflict is shown between Gerald and Sheila. "It can't be any worse for me than it has been. And it might be better." Gerald replies (bitterly) "I see." Stage directions used in the above quotation is "bitterly" and this word shows conflict between Gerald and Sheila. In those times men used to be superior to women so if two men (in this case Gerald and the Inspector) were having a conversation, a woman should not be present or have any involvement in it, that is the reason Gerald was trying to move Sheila away from them. In that era men and women were not treated equally. Male were more dominant than women. Woman used to be very angry and they used to feel like that they had no position in life. They felt that even slaves were treated better than them. Another reason of Gerald moving Sheila away from them could be that Gerald probably has a deep secret about Eva Smith that if Sheila was to find to find out, she would be even more upset and her happiness would be destroyed. ...read more.


Her confidence is shown in the stage direction. There is a dramatic irony that shows that she is making a fool out of herself and she is arguing with Sheila for no reason and that is the audience knows she is going to be in trouble; there is no point showing off, but she does not know as this creates excitement for readers. Slowly tension is also increasing. Again when Sheila was alerting her not to say anything about Eva Smith, she was patronising Sheila. Mrs Birling calls her a "child", and Sheila is fully grown up woman. It just shows that Mrs Birling was over confident and she thought that she is only right and she cannot possibly be wrong. Another reason she was thinking too much of herself is because probably she thinks is that Mr Birling was a 'Lord Mayor two years ago and he is still a magistrate', so because of the status and the wealth again she thinks she cannot be wrong and she is always right. Conflict is shown between Sheila and Eric. Eric says, "My God, it's a bit thick, when you come to think of it-"Sheila replies, (stormily) Oh shut up, Eric. ...read more.


into the younger generation, but not older generation. Eric says to Mr Birling when Eric told everyone his involvement with the girl and he was guilty of stealing money out of the office, "Because you're not the kind of father a chap could go to when he's in trouble-that's why." This is a key quote because it shows that Mr or Mrs Birling did not care about their children, but the only thing they cared about was wealth and status. The children are highlighting their parent's hypocrisy. Mr Birling said that "it turned out unfortunately for me and your mother, that's all-"So Sheila (scornfully) interrupts "That's all." Sheila was being disrespectful but she was reminding them do not pretend that nothing has happened. Again Sheila is telling them not to forget that all together, as a family, they "killed" her. So overall, I conclude that Priestley has developed internal conflicts by using variety of techniques; like stage directions, lightning, sound, social and language and they suggest everything about the early 19th century, meaning in that era prostitution, poverty as well as wealth and status was very important. The moral of the role play that Priestley was campaigning through the Inspector for poverty. (EQUALITY AND UNITY) ?? ?? ?? ?? - 1 - ...read more.

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